What is false religion

False return of religion

To the boom of fundamentalism

Religious fundamentalism and fanaticism with its excess of horror, absurdity and destruction have also consciously returned to Europe.

What are the causes of this "ugly phenomenon" and how can it be countered?

After a look at the historical roots and attempts to define them, René Buchholz asks what role the individual plays here as the bearer of modern religious consciousness. Then he sheds light on two forms of "infantile religion": the "smiling" fundamentalism of cultural-industrial event religiosity and, on the other hand, the "grim" one as a desire for submission.

A separate chapter is devoted to the question of whether the modern concept of faith with its “decision-making phase” does not also have an affinity for fundamentalism. In conclusion, he presents a possible alternative to behavior dictated by unenlightened religious authority: a “religion for adults”, which above all also allows for doubt.

René Buchholz, born in Cologne in 1958, pedagogical assistant at the Catholic Education Center in Bonn, associate professor for fundamental theology at the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Bonn

"A recommendable book that takes the pressing questions of our time seriously and deals with them extensively." (Blog Theology and World)

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1st edition 2017

Review by Thorsten Paprotny
in: Christian in the presentt December 17, 2017