Which IIT offers a BSc in Mathematics

Bachelor of Mathematics

You will acquire the ability to formulate precisely, to think conceptually, analytically and logically as well as to abstract and find basic patterns and analogies. You will learn to recognize, formalize and analyze mathematical relationships in different areas. You acquire the competence to mathematically model complex theoretical or practical problems and learn to select suitable mathematical solution methods and apply them appropriately. Teamwork and the oral and written presentation of mathematical facts are just as much a part of the course as the stringent and logically consistent analysis and argumentation.

The course is theoretically oriented on the one hand, with particular attention to a broad mathematical basic education, on the other hand it has strong application-related components. This includes the teaching of basic knowledge of programming and the use of mathematical software as well as an extensive range of courses in the field of algorithmic mathematics such as cryptography, computer algebra, image and signal processing, statistics, stochastic simulation, and much more. m.

In addition, you will acquire in-depth knowledge in one of the elective subjects and thus, in particular, the ability to communicate and cooperate across disciplines.

Electives are:

  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Economics
  • Quantitative business administration
  • Business didactics (only in double studies with teaching degree in mathematics / business)

Computer science is a classic elective subject for mathematics that fits very well with the algorithmic orientation of the degree program and offers additional career prospects against the background of the high demand for skilled workers in the IT industry. A double degree in mathematics and teaching at grammar schools with a combination of mathematics and computer science can be achieved in just 10 semesters. So you only need one semester more than the standard period of study for a teacher training course.

Data Science:
This elective is strongly interdisciplinary and is only offered in Passau. You will deal with methods of data management and data analysis, especially for very large amounts of data (big data), and get to know fields of application from the social sciences and humanities. "Big Data Analytics" is one of the professional fields of the future and corresponding experts are increasingly in demand.

Many famous economists first studied mathematics. This knowledge is central to understanding economic relationships and models, e. B. in the field of international finance, game theory, macroeconomics or econometrics. Students qualify for work in research, finance, production and service companies, management consulting, as well as ministries, associations and international institutions.

Quantitative business administration:
This elective gives you comprehensive knowledge of business administration and focuses on the quantitative approach to business issues, from accounting and controlling to marketing, production, technology and innovation management to topics in the banking and finance industry. With this elective you broaden your professional perspectives, especially with regard to future employment in business and administration.

Business didactics:
This elective is offered to students studying to become a high school teacher with a combination of mathematics and economics as part of a double degree. They need a maximum of one semester more than the standard period of study to complete the "Bachelor of Mathematics" as part of their teacher training course and receive - especially against the background of a declining need for recruitment of teachers at grammar schools - expanded professional prospects.

Further information can be found in the information leaflet from the student advisory service and in the module catalog.

What's next?

A master's degree in “Computational Mathematics” is planned to continue the Bachelor's degree in “Mathematics”. Depending on the elective, there is also the option of continuing the bachelor's degree in mathematics with one of the master's degree programs in “Computer Science”, “International Economics and Business” and “Business Administration” in Passau.