Can defeat Magneto Galactus

Hello everybody! Again there are some champion updates! This time we focused on champions that have been requested in the past. In addition, some skills have been adjusted to improve class relationships between some champions.

Hawk Eye

  • Attack and critical hit rate increased by 3%.
  • Health and base armor reduced by 3%.

This change has little impact on the champion's strength and is meant to make Hawkeye a little more offensive while also emphasizing more of his fragile nature known from the comics and movies. Increasing the attack will increase Hawkeye's overall strength a bit.


Black Bolt

  • Adjustment of the special ability.
  • In battle, Blackagar Boltagon's self-control is put to the test. Any time he takes a Critical Hit, he has a chance of permanent cruelty or angry outburst. If he lands a critical hit himself, there is a chance of 6.5 seconds of anger or cruelty. These effects increase Critical Damage or Attack by 6–21.2%.

This is to make Black Bolt's special ability a little more offensive instead of just serving as a defense. However, since we didn't want to reduce his defensive ability in the Alliance War, we kept his permanent buffs and instead shifted the chances a little to triggering critical hits.



  • Adjustment of the ability "Static Discharge".
  • Enemies that touch you take Energy damage from Static Shock equal to [16982bff] {1}% [-] of the damage they dealt. The damage is reduced for talent champions and mystical champions are increased.

Many players were very frustrated when they fought against particularly powerful Electro versions and did not get a satisfactory answer. With the change, Talent Champions now have a better chance when battling Electro. There is also the possibility of strengthening the class relationships of champions.



Armor break now has the same chance to trigger as Bloodlust.

This simple change aligns Electra's armor break chance with her bloodlust chance when battling champions who are naturally immune to Bloodlust.




  • Increased distance and recoil on 1st and 2nd superpowers.
  • If Rhino ends a combo attack with a medium attack, he gets angry as long as his opponent is pressed against the wall.
  • Rhino's onslaught attacks have a chance that the impact cannot be blocked. This chance decreases the bigger the opponent is.
  • Rhino becomes Unstoppable during a rush and can easily shrug off attacks during the rush.
  • Change of special ability:
    • The physical resistance gained from the special ability has been increased and is now linked to current health. If Rhino's health is higher, his armor is stronger.


Doctor Strange

  • Normal attacks now deal energy damage (bug fix).

Dr. Strange will now correctly interact not only with the absorption abilities of Ultron and Ms. Marvel, but also with physical and energy resistances.




Magneto (Marvel Now)

Basic attacks now deal Energy Damage instead of Physical Damage.

As with Dr. Strange can now also deal basic Magneto's attacks with energy instead of physical damage. This gives him a better chance against highly resistant champions like Luke Cage.





  • Dodge buff duration increased from 7 to 8.5 seconds.
  • Chance to dodge increased from 20% to 22%.

A small bonus for Gwen's 1st superpower gives her more defensive power if she prefers to use this superpower.





  • Just like his 3rd superpower, his 1st and 2nd are now linked to Colossus ‘armor levels.
  • Colossus basic upgrade effect has been split into two effects - one for attack and one for defense.

We wanted to have more interaction with other champions and between their superpowers and special abilities, rather than just increasing the damage they dealt. So we decided to change that Colossus can perform higher damage attacks while giving players the ability to defeat Colossus in difficult Alliance missions or Alliance War battles.


Iron Fist

  • New Explosive Chi Ability: Iron Fist strikes with Explosive Chi, stopping the flow of energy and wiping out 1 Cruelty, Anger, and Precision Buff.

This little bonus is supposed to bring Iron Fist closer to class interactions and give him a slight annihilation effect like other Mystic Champions.




Moon Knight

  • We fixed the issue where the dodge ability would not trigger when the new moon was nearing its end for certain ranks. The ability will now trigger at the correct times.
  • We fixed the issue where the Paralyze ability would not trigger when the Waning Moon was nearing its end for certain ranks. The ability will now trigger at the correct times.
  • We fixed the issue where the Fury ability would not trigger when the new moon was nearing its end for certain ranks. The ability will now trigger at the correct times.

Special thanks to all members of the community who made us aware of the errors with their posts in the bug forum. We've gone through all the reports, so the Moon Knight phases should now trigger again as expected.