Why is philosophy so important in scriptures

Why is scripture so important?

The Greek alphabet comes from Phoenician alphabet from. First of all, writing was important for trade, because you had to write down which goods the ships had loaded. That was only possible with the help of written records. A well-known trading people were the Phoenicians and they knew a script that they retained even through the Dark Centuries.

The special thing about this script: it was not a syllable like most other scripts, but the Phoenicians already knew individual letters to record a word. You have to imagine that the whole world could be captured with 20 characters. It took a Chinese much longer to learn the many different characters and symbols. Now theoretically everyone, not just scholars, had the chance to learn to write and read, because keeping 20 characters is much easier than several thousand. These letters also came to Greece via trade routes.

This script only knew consonants

With the Phoenician script one only knew Consonants. That wasn't cheap. So "Mxmln" was called "Maximilian", you have to come to that first. But the Greeks were clever and, above all, inventive and so they put vowels between the consonants and our alphabet was invented. Well, maybe it wasn't that easy, but at least it was quite an achievement by the Greeks.

Many people were able to educate themselves

In Greece, for example, more people found access to education than in other countries and cultures. Education was mostly reserved for the rich. People from the poorer classes also had the opportunity to learn to write and read in Greece.

Incidentally, the development and distribution of the font ran almost simultaneously Spread of coinage. And the coins also came from western Asia Minor and have something to do with trade.