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Rome's cafes and bars

A visit to Rome's cafes and bars is an absolute must. A highlight, not only because coffee has a long tradition in Italy. The Romans meet in these mostly small cafes and bars and preferably drink their espresso while standing at the counter, preferably with a small cake or a pastry.

Explore Rome's small alleys, the street corners and the piazzas, because this is where the friendly cafes and bars can be found. Try the different types of coffee with their various aromas and unmistakable good taste.

Around Rome's sights there is always an opportunity to drink espresso or cappuccino

If you stroll through the streets of Rome or stroll through a piazza, you can already hear one or the other espresso machine puffing from the small cafes & bars, a fragrant, warm coffee smell is in the air of Rome.

The Roman cafes and bars become a popular meeting place in the evening, not only for young people, and enrich the nightlife in Rome. For example, at the popular and well-visited Trevi Fountain, the Fontana di Trevi, espresso, coffee, cappuccino with a delicious milk froth top or the specialty Gran Caffe is drunk for almost 24 hours.

There are many cozy cafes and bars in the streets of Rome

At the Spanish Steps, which are a popular meeting place for the Romans, people meet in the surrounding cafes and enjoy an espresso in an impressive and lively environment. In springtime, colorful azaleas bloom along the Spanish Steps, which are made of white marble. In the evening the place changes into a colorful quarter with good-humored café-goers who drink their coffee at night - in mild temperatures.

A gastronomic highlight can be found right next door, the Caffe Greco in Via dei Condotti. The trendy cafe in Rome is located between the luxury shops of the fashion designers. Goethe is said to have had his coffee here; for a while he lived only a few houses away. The prices for the drinks in the Caffe Greco are just as high-class in this posh district as the fashion next door, but there are hardly any vacancies.

The Spanish Steps with their lively atmosphere

Another recommendation are the cafes around the Piazza del Polpolo, such as the Caffe Rosati. Here you can see the large obelisk with the four water-spouting lions, the former city gate Porta del Popolo and two baroque churches, the Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the Santa Maria in Monte Santo. Street performers also ensure the best entertainment in the lively atmosphere. Incidentally, the Piazza del Popolo with its cafes and bars is also a popular place for Roman celebrities.

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On Rome's Piazza Sant 'Eustachio is the popular Caffe Sant' Eustachio of the same name. It is supposed to serve the most perfect cappuccino and the creamiest espresso in the capital. And if you can't get enough of it, you can take the freshly ground coffee with you to take home.

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