You need WiFi for Echo Dot

Using Alexa without the internet - everything you need to know

We answer the question of whether and how you can use Alexa without the Internet and tell you what you should consider when using your Amazon Echo offline.

Many smart speakers and other devices require an internet connection to work. However, there are also smart home systems that are fully functional without the Internet. You can find an overview of such solutions in our article Smart Home without Internet.

The Amazon Echo can basically only be used with an internet connection. In particular for the initial setup, for the use of voice commands and for giving answers, the loudspeaker accesses information from the Amazon servers. So that everything works smoothly, the Amazon Echo needs an internet connection. A few functions are also available to Alexa without internet.

Already knew? With the exception of a few functions, Amazon Echo Auto can be used completely offline.

Alexa without internet - These functions are available offline

You can use Alexa as a normal speaker without internet:

  • Connect your Amazon Echo to the power.
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to Alexa via Bluetooth.
  • Play songs on your smartphone and listen to them via the Amazon Echo.

All other features, such as speech recognition, only work when Alexa is connected to the internet. Otherwise she will not understand instructions.

Your WiFi is only temporarily down? Then simply create appointments, reminders and Co. via the Alexa app! It can also be used offline, but without speech recognition. If Alexa lights up orange, the AI ​​is looking for a valid internet connection. If this is followed by violet light, your efforts have failed. Unless you switch off the internet connection manually, the Amazon Echo will try to reestablish the connection on its own.