Why do you get tired

Translation of "you get tired" in english

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Wake me up if you get tired.
Let me know when you get tired.
And if you get tired, here is a wheelchair.
If you get tired, hold on.
If you get tired, you can pull out the sofa to make a bed.
You take the tent when you get tired.
If you get tired, rest your head on my shoulder.
If you get tiredto chase them - if you come back to me, I'll help you.
If you get tired of chasing 'em, look me up and we'll talk about it.
Do you know when you get tired or get bored-
If you get tiredlook at her with your red eyes.
Do 3 sets of 15 pushups or as many as you can before you get tired.
Deacon, stop worrying about the Russians, you'll be old before you get tired.
Deacon will you stop worrying about the Russians you'll be old before you're tired.
You may carry lunch for now, and if so you get tired, I will help you.
You may start out carrying the lunch, and when you grow weary, I will help you.
I want to come with you, I can help you row if you get tired.
If you get lost, try to reach me quickly when you get tired.
[Silent and resigned.] [Imagine me,] [Trying too hard to]
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