Why is Lil Wayne half retired

Rapper, gangsta, jail brother : Update: Rapper Lil Wayne pardoned by Donald Trump

Lil Wayne, 38, has always used the cliché of the swanky and gangsta rapper, but now the I'm-a-tough-boy thing grows a bit over his head and he has to resort to risky tricks. The man pleaded guilty in a Florida district court over possession of a firearm. There was nothing else he could do, the evidence against him was overwhelming: After landing in his private jet on December 23, 2019 at Miami's Grandpa Locka Executive Airport, he was arrested because the FBI had a gold revolver and six rounds of ammunition found in his luggage.

The rapper faces up to ten years in prison for having been convicted of a gun misconduct more than a decade ago: in 2007 police found marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and semi-automatic firearms in his tour bus at a concert in New York; Lil Wayne was given a year in prison - he served nine months of that - and has had a criminal record ever since. Convicted offenders are banned from carrying weapons in the US. So the case is clear: Lil Wayne is a repeat offender. So no mitigating circumstances.

Just had a great meeting with @ realdonaldtrump @ potus besides what he's done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done. 🤙🏾 pic.twitter.com/Q9c5k1yMWf

- Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) October 29, 2020

Florida District Court plans to speak its verdict against the five-time Grammy Award winner on January 28th. Lil Wayne seems to have feared a high sentence for a long time and therefore hopes for a pardon from the incumbent US President Donald Trump until January 20. At least his bizarre, even his fans irritating addresses of devotion stand out. Just a few days before the presidential election, he reported on a "great meeting" with Trump, which was about new jobs for African Americans.

That was campaign help for Trump, on Twitter the rapper praised not only the job initiative, but also Trump's plans to reform criminal law, which is particularly disadvantageous for Americans, and to improve access to education and training for them. "Trump listened to what we had to say today." And after Trump was clearly voted out of office, Lil Wayne released the mixtapes “No Ceilings 3” and then the song “Life Is Good” with the following lines: “My demons train that is beautiful ... I didn't do my taxes, fucking with Donald Trump. "

Apparently a recognition, a declaration of solidarity for the president, who is known to be not very informative in tax matters. For the rapper colleague 50 Cent, Trump's advances were finally too much, he blasphemed Lil Wayne for being fairly "sure" that he was paid to support the Republican before the US elections; he himself had also received an immoral offer of one million dollars from the Republican and turned it down. A number of other rappers had previously also reacted strange, such as the Eminem homie Royce da 5'9 "or Questlove from The Roots.

Lil Wayne is increasingly isolated in his community. A price he is willing to pay - for the vague hope of a pardon? Where, as is well known, Trump cannot be relied on.

Update, January 20, 2021: Donald Trump pardoned more than 70 people in the final hours of his tenure. The White House announced on Wednesday night. Among the pardoned are political heavyweights like Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon and Lil Wayne.