How can I complete the PO exam

Applied Computer Science course

Students in Bachelor PO'13 or Master PO'13 have the opportunity to switch to PO'20. It is necessary to change POs by the end of WS 22/23 (Bachelor) or at the end of WS 21/22 (Master) at the latest, as the old POs then lose their validity. Until then, you can also finish your studies according to the old PO. In this case, you may have to complete substitute courses for individual compulsory modules if these are no longer offered (e.g. algorithm paradigms instead of data structures). If only the final thesis has to be completed when the old PO expires, an application can be submitted that allows you to complete the final thesis in SS 23 or SS 22. The courses successfully completed in PO'13 are mapped and recognized as best possible on the required modules in PO'20. A new assessment for an examination semester is also carried out, based on the CP that has been acquired so far. In the bachelor's degree, we only grade you in the 1st, 3rd. or .5. In the summer semester only in the 2nd, 4th or 6th. In the Master's degree, a placement in any examination semester is possible at any time. This examination semester is relevant to the study progress control in the Bachelor's degree. A PO change is possible at any time as long as you have not yet definitely passed your studies. The change of PO takes effect retrospectively from the beginning of the semester in which the change of PO is requested.

Note: A PO change is only possible if you provide evidence of English language skills at B2 level (GeR) (e.g. through your Abitur or a language certificate) with the application.

Procedure for the application

  1. You read the new examination regulations carefully and familiarize yourself with the regulations there.
  2. You fill out the application for a PO change and the corresponding annex (see information at the end of the form !!!) completely.
  3. You send the completed application and the completed annex, as well as the English language certificate and a current performance overview via your own RUB mail account, stating your name and matriculation number by email to [email protected] Important: The application is irrevocable!
  4. As soon as the examination office has changed the PO, you will be notified by email.

If you have any questions regarding the application or would like advice on whether changing POs makes sense in your case, you can make an appointment with the academic advisory service.

In the following there are 2 more tips that could not be found on the investment forms:

  • Computer science 1 and programming in C are only recognized together as computer science 1 (PO 20). If you have only passed one of the modules so far, it makes sense to successfully pass the missing exam before changing POs. In return, unsuccessful attempts will not be recognized.
  • In the master’s degree, requirements remain in place even after the PO change.

By the way, the compulsory Bachelor module "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" of PO'20 can also be taken as an advanced module from summer semester 21 onwards for Bachelor students of PO'13.

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