For how much did Volkswagen buy Bugatti

The VW Group has added numerous brands to its portfolio in recent years. Now the Wolfsburg want to part with their noblest daughter of all people.

Wolfsburg / Molsheim - VW apparently wants to get away from his luxury sports car brand Bugatti separate. The legendary company from Molsheim in the Alsace should mate to the Croatian supercar builder Rimac go, report that Manager magazine citing VW-Insider. The deal is said to be completed by the end of the year. But nothing has been decided yet.

VW apparently wants to sell the luxury brand Bugatti - because it doesn't fit the e-car image?

VW-Boss Herbert Diess see the unprofitable daughter as ballast, writes the magazine. In addition, the brand, whose vehicles easily have 1500 hp and more, is not likely to fit the new image that Diess wants to give the carmaker with its e-offensive.

It also has Bugatti a plug-in hybrid and pure electric high-performance athletes at the start for the next few years. With the C Two, Rimac also has an electric super sports car with almost 2000 hp in the pipeline, writes the magazine.

The super racing cars from the Alsatian luxury manufacturer are particularly popular with Arab sheikhs. One of the fans of the brand is Cristiano Ronaldo. It wasn't until the beginning of August that the soccer star of Juventus Turin to win the Italian Serie A. Bugatti Centodieci granted.

VW premium brand Bugatti is to change hands - Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the regular customers

The hypercar, limited to ten vehicles, pays homage to the Bugatti EB110 from the 90s and costs 9.5 million euros. The Centodieci is already the third Bugatti in Ronaldo's garage. To win the European Championship in 2016, the Portuguese had one Bugatti Veyron increased. In 2017 he grabbed the Bugatti Chiron on top.

VW is in talks about the Bugatti sale

💡 Volkswagen apparently wants to sell its unprofitable luxury brand
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Bugatti had in the previous year with the special edition limited to ten vehicles Bugatti Centodieci celebrated its 110th birthday. In addition, the manufacture provided the one-of-a-kind last year Bugatti La Voiture Noire caused a sensation worldwide. The unique piece was supposed to reflect the golden era of the two founders and designers Ettore and Jean Bugatti remember in the 30s.

VW separation from Bugatti? Recently, the sales figures rose - at the lowest level

The price for La Voiture is said to have been over ten million euros. In media reports it had initially been said, CristianoRonaldo have secured the extremely sought-after unique item. In fact, the vehicle is likely to resemble the former VWPartners FerdinandPiech have gone.

Bugatti is at Volkswagen Part of the “Sport & Luxury” brand group. In addition to the Alsatians, this also includes Bentley and the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer Porsche. Bugatti had sold 82 luxury sledges in 2019 - after 76 in the previous year. So far there have only been 700 cars in total. (ts)

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