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Business administration
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Educational offers from schools or technical colleges in business administration, which only last a few days and end with a course ID, are suitable for very different groups of people. Depending on the focus of the business administration courses, young people who will soon take up a management position, self-employed people from all industries, accounting employees, managing directors or HR managers are suitable. Each seminar in each school is aimed at a different audience target audience, depending on the focus of the course.

The training to become a business economist or business manager of the trade with a federal. Diploma is aimed at people who have a basic commercial / business education, for example as a technical businessman or a higher business diploma HWD / VSK and can also prove several years of professional experience. This training is ideal for all those who want to run an SME in the future.

For everyone who is already firmly anchored in the commercial area and striving for a higher position in the management, the further training to become a federal. dipl. Business economist suitable for HF. Depending on the focus of interest, different specializations can be selected here, so that the generalist business knowledge imparted is expanded to include knowledge of the specialization.

A degree is suitable for all those who would like to lay the foundation for their professional career with a degree in business administration or business administration, because with a degree from a university, especially a university degree, graduates can quickly make it to top management. The Bachelor of Science FH in Business Administration (BBA FH) can also be completed part-time.

Postgraduate courses such as CAS, DAS or MAS are particularly suitable for experienced professionals who have a higher level of education and would like to receive more specific training.