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How or by what means can you induce vomiting?


There are several different methods that can be used Vomittrigger leaves.
However, one should pay attention to the reasons why one wants to trigger this and whether it is a sensitive means. At Suspected poisoning or Ingestion of harmful substances like acids, this is suitable Induction of vomiting often not for therapy and it should see a doctor as soon as possible or contact theContact Poison Control Center.

The Nausea is a reflex controlled by the vomiting center in the brain. Therefore it can be brought about by processes that take place in the brain itself as well as by processes remote from the brain. At the Vomiting reflex The 9th or 10th cranial nerve (glossopharyngeal nerve and vagus nerve) can be the cause. These run in the back of the throat.

Overview of the methods

First it should be mentioned that it is only makes sense in rare cases,Compulsive vomiting. If vomiting is really necessary for the body, such as poisoning with food, alcohol or other harmful substances, it will come naturally.
Artificially induced vomiting is often the first step in pathological behavior such as anorexia (bulimia) and also leads to complications if performed more frequently.
Since the stomach acid is not tolerated anywhere except in the stomach itself, it can be caused by regular vomiting Deterioration of the condition of the teeth or irritation of the esophagus.

Vomiting can be triggered very effectively by the "classic" technique of "sticking your finger in the throat". As soon as you get that Suppositoriesthat is at the back of the palate, reflexes will result. Those who do not like to use the finger can of course use other objects such as a toothbrush or a pen (Roman method).
Mechanical irritationFor example, pressing the abdominal wall vigorously leads to reflex vomiting in some.

There are also a number of Substances which are used in emergency medicine to induce vomiting.

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Induce vomiting with medication

If you want to induce vomiting, stand up multiple drugs to disposal. The most common means of inducing vomiting is Break root, a tropical plant better known as Ipecacuanha. The root of the plant is processed into syrup as Emetics (Emetic) in acute poisoning administered. After about 15-45 minutes the effect occurs through strong irritation of the gastric mucosa and subsequent, reflex contraction one, it comes to gushing vomiting.

Another remedy that causes vomiting is that Apomorphines. This class of substances is closely related to morphine, in fact, apomorphine is created through chemical transformations of morphine. Apomorphine unfolds its effect in places in the brain where the neurotransmitter dopamine normally acts and dissolves via a Stimulation of the vomiting center Vomiting.

Medicinal vomiting may only be triggered if the Patient fully conscious is. Is the patient sleepy or unconscious, protective reflexes fail, the vomit is inhaled into the lungs and leads to Suffocation.
In general, therapeutic vomiting is rarely induced today. Gastric lavage and the Administration of activated charcoal in the case of poisoning have that therapeutic vomiting replaced.

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Home remedies to induce vomiting

The easiest way to induce vomiting is to do this mechanical irritation of the uvulaby sticking your finger down your throat. If necessary, you have to use the uvula a little, "tickle"to get one Induce nausea. Through the irritation of the nerves running in the palate Signals sent to the crushing center, you have to vomit.

Other home remedies, like Mustard solutions, the quick drinking of one liter milk or gargling protein often have no effect, but in the worst case can harm the patient. Because even if you induce vomiting with home remedies, you have to Patient fully conscious be to be Do not accidentally inhale vomit.

At Poisoning in the household, for example with cleaning agents, should under no circumstances Vomiting can be triggered as a result of many cleaning and cleaning products Contain acids, alkalis or foam-forming substances. Search substances pass through the esophagus when vomiting again, damage they are this massive. Poisonings are always Emergencies. Ambulance service or Poison Control Center should be used if poisoning is suspected alerted immediately because only proper treatment can prevent the poison from being absorbed into the body and thus prevent possible consequential damage.

Induce vomiting with salt water

Salt water was formerly consideredHome remedies to induce vomiting. The effect of this measure, like that of the ipecacuana syrup, is based on excessive irritation of the gastric mucosa.

However, this will strongly discouragedsince it too dangerous complications can come. The highly concentrated sodium contained in salt water, which is also found in our body, can be so-called Electrolyte shift cause. This is caused by increased sodium levels Seizures, epileptic fits, loss of consciousness other Breathing difficulties. In the worst case, it leadsHypernatremia to the Death. If there is already a lack of water, the life-threatening threshold is quickly reached by drinking salt water.

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Induce vomiting with your finger

in the back of the throat and the suppository there are many sensory cells that can induce vomiting through irritation.
These sensory cells of the vagus nerve can be reached and stimulated with the finger. However, some patients only react to this irritation to a very limited extent, while others react very sensitively to it and immediately begin to vomit. In individual cases this can be a great way to end or improve nausea. However, if nausea or self-induced vomiting occur more frequently, a doctor should be contacted. He can get through Investigations into the cause of the vomiting find out and then treat.

Self-test nausea and vomiting

They sufferNausea or vomiting?
Test yourself online and find out the causes.
Answer to this15 quick questions and find out its possible cause.
You can go directly to theTest nausea and vomiting

Induce vomiting in the child

Will make children vomit no longer recommended today, it is rather discouraged. It should be particularly at Always consult a doctor if you suspect poisoning in children become.

In the case of poisoning, it is often unclear what the child has ingested, especially in the case of poisoning. If the child is allowed to vomit, this also exists here Risk of inhaling vomit (aspiration) or the repeated burns from acids that may have been swallowed. If, in special cases, vomiting has to be induced in the child with medication, the emergency doctor will advise Ipecacuanha syrup applied, apomorphine should not be used in children.

So mechanically triggered Vomiting due to irritation of the uvula may occur in children cause injuries, if they defend too much, and should not done become.

Induce vomiting in the event of poisoning

When poisoned, vomiting often occurs on its own. In some cases it can also be useful to induce vomiting. It is hoped that some of the toxins will be eliminated from the body before they are absorbed. However, there are also substances that should not be vomited under any circumstances, such as acids or alkalis. The However, a decision about this should be made by a doctor, since only he can decide whether and how it can be expected of the patient. A good and safe alternative is to use a tube to express the contents of the stomach.

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Induce vomiting after alcohol

After excessive consumption of alcohol, which in these quantities is also a form of poisoning, Most patients vomit on their own, often before a doctor can be contacted. Here, too, it can make sense to remove some of the alcohol by vomiting before it can be absorbed by the gastrointestinal system. Here, however, care should be taken to ensure that the patient awake is and the Protective reflexes still workso that no vomit is inhaled. Otherwise, a nasogastric tube can also help to carry out this process in a controlled and safer manner. The contents of the stomach are pumped out in this way, preventing uncontrolled vomiting and breathing difficulties.

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bulimia, also eating vomiting addiction is a mental illness in the course of which Cycles of unrestrained binge eating With panic attacks alternate during which those affected try to get rid of what they have just eaten as quickly as possible. Bulimia patients are often female teenagers, but it can also affect men and people of all ages. This is in the foreground of the eating-vomiting addiction Induction of vomiting to as possible do not take in any calories and thereby staying thin. In the course of the addiction, the sick develop an always better evasive behavior to avoid eating on the one hand and to get rid of what has been eaten on the other.

Many patients solve several times a day vomiting on yourself by getting the Put your fingers down your throat, Take emetics or Drink salt water. So the Taking laxatives Used by bulimics in the hope of losing even more weight through self-induced diarrhea. This becomes the habit and finally to Addictionso that patients only eat and vomit immediately afterwards. If this behavior is continued over a long period of time, it can happen that the Nausea partially exhausted. Often times, bulimics then look desperately for it new methodsto induce vomiting, it comes to Poisoning by self-made emetics and to Injuries by using long objects to mechanically induce vomiting.

In the course of the disease, next to that often arise dramatic weight loss and those associated with it Consequential damage so Damage to the esophagus and des Mouth caused by the constant vomiting. The treatment bulimia develops difficult, because the eating-vomiting behavior manifests itself as an addiction and those affected only after lengthy therapy able to eat again without the urge to vomit.

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Vomiting is a Protective reflex of the bodywith which he tries himself from poisoning and the Absorption of harmful substances to protect. Here it comes to a reverse emptying of stomach other Intestines. This reflex is controlled by the Vomiting center in the brain stem. In some cases there will be vomiting intentionally brought about (therapeutic vomiting). To be mentioned here is that acute poisoning. Vomiting can prevent the toxins from being absorbed into the body, but may only be induced in certain situations. At Poisoning with acids, alkalis or foam-forming substances and if the poisoning was more than a few minutes ago vomiting must not be induced.

Self-test nausea and vomiting

They sufferNausea or vomiting?
Test yourself online and find out the causes.
Answer to this15 quick questions and find out its possible cause.
You can go directly to theTest nausea and vomiting

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