Can a country last forever

Translation of "don't last forever" in spanish

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The rule of the French can don't last forever.
The war will don't last forever.
La guerra acabará un día, como sea.
But the good times could don't last forever.
We both know this fight don't last forever becomes.
"Ice Land" is like the point in a relationship when you realize you are don't last forever becomes.
Ice Land es - Es algo así como ese punto en una relación en dónde te das cuenta de que no va a durar por siempre.
I just wanted to say it don't last forever becomes.
We are in the middle of a crisis, but this crisis is going to be don't last forever.
But it will don't last forever?
Is it don't last foreverwaiting for the magazine to come out?
Is it don't last foreverwaiting for the magazine to come out?
Take advantage while you can because it will don't last forever!
¡Aprovechad mientras podáis, porque esto no será eterno!
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