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Claim structure (schemes, claim enforceable)

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III. Claim enforceableIf the claim arose and was not subsequently lost, then the question arises whether the claim is also legally enforceable. The claim is enforceable if:
  • the claim is due, i.e. the obligee can demand performance (details)
  • The debtor has no right to refuse performance (e.g. statute of limitations) (details)
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If the debtor does not pay when due, is he in default in any case? No (details).

Dunning notice in the dunning procedure

A dunning notice is issued as part of the judicial dunning procedure. The dunning procedure is carried out by the local courts. The court does not check whether the claimant is actually entitled to payment (see details).
When buying online (online shopping), legal expertise is an advantage (see details).

Work contract or employment contract?

The demarcation can be difficult. It is not the contract name that is decisive, but the content of the contract. See details.

Contract, all about the conclusion of a contract

The conclusion of a contract is preceded by contract initiation and contract negotiations. If the people agree, the contract is concluded (see details).

Questions about contract negotiations?

A match of will is achieved through contract negotiations. Contract points are discussed and negotiated as part of contract negotiations (see details).

Questions about the employment relationship?

If you have any questions about the employment relationship, in particular about vacation and vacation compensation, illness, termination or working hours (especially on-call duty, overtime), see details.

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