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W&V creative ranking 2018 :
Götz Ulmer on 1st place for JvM: "That was pure luck"

Have you accepted the demotion from creative director to partner creation in the meantime?

I don't know about journalism, but a lot has changed in our industry. Hierarchical thinking has given way to a team idea. I have never cared more than what title is on LinkedIn. Because the best idea satisfies me much more than the highest title.

How is it going in the partner group?

Good and harmonious. The first decisions will soon be official. Not much has changed internally: the people who have decided things since then still make them. You are doing this together now. There are also a few minor vanity wars among the creative minds, but that would be boring otherwise.

Is Jean-Remy von Matt absent from day-to-day business?

I do not find. But it is not now that we would say, "Thank God, the old one is gone". The process of transferring the agency to others began much earlier. If necessary, Jean-Remy is available to help and advise and he also likes to write emails. He let go well, and that also shows that he trusts the construct.

Are Thomas Strerath and Larissa Pohl missing?

I still think it's a shame that we didn't get it together back then. The same applies to top people: everything has to be right.

What is Jung missing from Matt?

Nothing. But. We have construction sites. Our young councilor - who many thought was just PR-blah blah - has put his finger in a couple of wounds. He got his own budget with which the most important things can be solved. Self-criticism is and will remain a great asset at JvM.

What was good 2018?

Customers entrust us with more and more complete tasks. In the past, online was awarded to X, social media to Y and classic advertising to us. Many customers are now bundling everything with us again. The spin-off of Jung from Matt Tech was also right and important. And we continue to proudly hold up the flag of independence, which some have had to give up again this year.

What was your favorite job?

In order not to stick to the usual suspects, I name an idea that unfortunately didn't win that much, but which I found really good: "The Gender Pay Gap Experiment" for Terre des Femmes. From the simplicity and proof of the statement on how to get to the heart of wage inequality, this is awesome. But at the Edeka supermarket I also had goose bumps. That was a job with the best of wishes, also internally. I also found the shape of the BVG sneaker great, but there were more doubts. For example, we didn't know whether Adidas would participate, whether the whole thing wasn't a waste of strength and so on. When we talked to international creatives about the idea, we only noticed how strong it is. But there is always good luck with it: There are many agencies that play with their ideas at such a level, but where ideas die somewhere in the fragile chain that is necessary on the way to success. An example: We would like to have the daily newspaper Welt am Sonntag on the election weekend with "Vote am Sonntag!" overwritten. The board was enthusiastic, but the editor-in-chief was not. A great idea dies that quickly.

Are you taking another break from awards in 2019? Actually, you wanted to get rid of them as a creative director.

The award break is coming again. And that's just as well. After all, the year free of submissions finances our in-house academy, in which we train 15 to 20 creative talents every year. In the meantime, so great things are created in the JvM Academy that it would be stupid to give them up.

Who will be the final authority in creation in the future?

We will decide that with all creative partners. Ultimately, the people out there judge whether our work is good or bad by giving it their attention. It's not changing as much here as the people out there think it is.

Götz Ulmer is a creative and partner at Jung von Matt and has spent his entire professional career at the agency. In the meantime he was the creative director, but had to give up the position to introduce the new partner board. The group of partners has 15 people, Peter Figge is the sole director of the agency. You can order the magazine with the W&V creative ranking and the interview with Götz Ulmer here. Wuv.de dedicates the current week to the ranking and publishes, among other things, discussions with the creative heads, the client ranking and all important tables.