Is Green Day better than The Clash

At the beginning of the 90s, a punk revival of a special kind broke out, making the subgenre increasingly anchored in the mainstream. Occasionally a band from Berkeley / California rose and started their career. Whether with "Basket Case“, „Boulevard of Broken Dreams"Or"21 guns“ – Green Day have immortalized themselves in more than three decades of music history and made them immortal in the Olympus of rock giants. In doing so, they blurred genre boundaries, moved back and forth between rock and pop and invented their unmistakable sound. Brought in February Armstrong, Prostitutes other Cool (every 47 years) their 13th studio album "Father of All Motherfuckers“At the start. Shortly before their debut "39 / Smooth"What 30 years old ...

It all started with the friendship between Billie Joe Armstrong other MichaelPritchardwho met at school. Both come from a broken home and found support in music.

Billie Joe was born in 1972 in Piedmont, east of San Francisco, as the youngest of six children. His fatherAndrew Marciano Armstrong worked as a truck driver and also played drums in a jazz band - the same instrument that also Billie Joe first learned. As much as he liked it, he was blown away when he was handed a guitar at the age of eleven. The Fernandes Stratocaster Electric guitar, which he "Blue“Baptized, became his faithful companion from then on. Since the instrument got its quirks over time, it left Armstrong later reproduce the individually painted and pasted piece several times in detail, so that today he can at least take copies of the original with him on stage. His first song "Why do you want him?“He wrote at the age of 14, when his mother married a new man after the early death of his father. To Billie Joes Even then, musical heroes belonged mainly to the Ramones, The clash, Van Halen and the Beatles.

Wedchael Ryan Pritchard, known as Mike Prostitutes, was born the son of a heavily drug addict who placed him in a foster family. What initially meant a safe haven began to crack when his adoptive parents divorced. In order to escape the quarreling parental home, the teen moved in with the Armstrong-Family one. It was around this time that the two formed the band TheSweet Children, in the Billie Joe Guitar and Mike Bass played. Previously had Mike practiced on a guitar that his mother gave him as a present. The fact that this was only strung with the E and A strings obviously prevented me from playing, but as a budding bassist it was a start. The artist name Prostitutes is derived from the sound that the bass makes when playing.

A little later, the drummer, who was three years older, came across John Kiffmeyer alias Al Sobrante to that, who already had band experience and therefore knew where a young punk group could perform in Berkeley. Played together Billie Joe, Mike other John through the small clubs and took every opportunity to play gigs. Especially their shows in the infamous club Gilman The new generation band has a lot of experience and awareness. The same stage played on in their early days The Offspring („Why don't you get a job“), Operation ivy („All I know is that I don't know nothing") and The Used („The Taste of Ink“)

The newcomers ventured into their first LP in 1990 with "39 / Smooth". Now that the whole thing got underway, a band name had to be found before the release with which the trio wanted to present themselves. They used a local slang term to describe a boring day spent smoking weed. And so it turned out The Sweet Children: Green Day.

Announced shortly after release John Kiffmeyerto want to quit the band and move to New York to study. Until then had Green Day he paved the way and was a major factor in the band's rapid growth in popularity.

His successor was an 18-year-old drummer who worked with his band The lookouts so in Gilman occurred. Frank Edwin Wright III aka Tré cool wore a swim cap on her head and a tutu around her hips when Billie Joe saw him play on stage for the first time. His stage name is based on the French term "Très cool", which translates as "very cool". As the number of appearances by The lookouts became sparse, offered itself Tré as a new drummer. The three-way combo ArmstrongProstitutesCool stood and should prove itself to this day.

91 ‘came with"1,039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours " a further development of their debut on the market. This is a compilation consisting of all songs by 39 / Smooth plus nine tracks that have emerged over time. The first self-written song Billie JoesWhy do you want him?“As well as the popular cover version of Operation ivy‘S"Knowledge“Are included. The CD was sold more than 500,000 times and achieved gold status in the USA. This makes the plant more successful than its predecessor.

I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call my home " („Welcome to Paradise“)

Hard to stop in their musical oeuvre, the trio immediately started producing new music. For the first time with Tré cool played the drums Green Day 12 songs for the album "Kerplunk!“One that came out in 1992. Like the name Prostitutes, This title also comes from the onomatopoeia used in comics and imitates the sound of an object breaking. The album achieved gold status in Great Britain, platinum in the USA and the singles "2,000 Light Years Away"and"Welcome to Paradise“Became one of the band's biggest hits to date. Through these successes the major label Reprise Records noticed the rock band and signed them.

Are you locked up in a world that‘s been planned out for you? " („She“)

The breakthrough came Green Day in 1994 with "Dookie ", which achieved diamond status in the US and Canada and went gold in seven other countries. The three guys from Berkeley stood with songs like "Basket Case“, „She"and"When I come around“All at once in the public eye. The rebellious attitude and drug consumption were just as much part of the image as the wild shows. The Drei ´94 performed one of their legendary concerts on the Woodstock Festival, in which audience and band fought a mud fight - in the true sense of the word. The whole thing degenerated when fans threw mud onto the stage and Billie Joe this unimpressed back into the crowd arf until Mike He played his bass while lying on the floor and fans stormed the stage. The highlight: The stage outfit consisting of a red tie and a black shirt was to be released ten years later with the release of "American idiot " to the GreenDay- are trademarks.

Commercially successful punk - is that possible? The around 14 million sales of "Dookie“Turned the life of the musicians upside down in a very short time and it quickly became apparent that the coin had two sides. Many followers saw the fact that punk was so well received in the mainstream as a degradation of the underground genre, which rejects commerce and media attention. In addition "Dookie"At Reprise Records appeared that became the mega corporation Warner heard while the two predecessors "39 / Smooth"and"Kerplunk!“Still via Lookout! Records - a smaller label that specifically looked after punk bands - appeared.

The song "86", The 1995 on Insomniac appeared:

Did you lose something the last time you where here? I hope you find it now, it's buried deep with your identity " („86“)

The accusation of having betrayed their identity when they played bigger clubs and found favor with the general public still holds up to this day. The mid 90s evolved around bands like Sizeeen Day, Sum 41 other Good Charlotte the term "Pop-Punk" to differentiate their music from original punk. Usually there is a derogatory aftertaste if the term itself is not perceived as a contradiction.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right " („Good Riddance (Time of your Life) ")

1997 marked "Nimrod"Through the use of harmonica ("Walking alone") And wind instruments ("King for a day“) A style change from punk to pop sound. The acoustic guitar ballad "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)“, Through the Green Day could draw attention to itself again. Previous fans were sometimes less impressed by the genre experiment: the record missed it, with "only" six million sales due to the mega-success of "Dookie“To connect.

Question everything or shut up and be a victim of authority " („Warning“)

The less harsh music style is also represented by "Warning“Which will celebrate its 20th birthday next October. This time the band wanted to give themselves more leeway and decided to work with the producer Rob Cavallo into the background. Despite around 500,000 copies sold, the album only promised mediocre success compared to its predecessors.

What followed was creative radio silence. No more original ideas wanted to arise. What else was there to say that hasn't been sung about countlessly and what did the fans want to hear at all? Caught in these or similar thoughts, the mood between the band members was lousy. Should "Dookie“Remain your only big success? It turned out differently.

In 2003 the production of new music began and no, it was not yet the legendary "American idiot". A record was planned with the title"Cigarettes and Valentines". Shortly before completion, all of the material disappeared, throwing the band back a long way. The first reflex could have been to re-record all of the songs, but Green Day took the incident as a sign of fate and used it to reflect and record completely new songs.

The protest song "American idiot“Which was the first track to be completed and which indicated the direction in which the concept album should move. The message behind the song: Stop letting politics and the media manipulate you. So the idea of ​​the protagonist, the “American Idiot”, was born and just had to be spun on. Who is this person and what makes him this? The answer:

I'm the son of rage and love, the Jesus of Suburbia "

These two lines made me excited and terrified at the same time“So told Billie Joe Armstrong in the live DVD "Bullet in A Bible“.

It was precisely these lines that formed the basis of the entire storyline: the young Jimmy, called "Jesus of Suburbia", escapes his home and sheds his old self in search of his identity. On the way he develops his alter ego “St. Jimmy ”, meets his love“ Whatsername ”and faces his demons. The masterpiece presents its musical complexity in five individual songs, which have been combined into a nine-minute work. The timeless punk rock opera has been the band's anthem ever since and embodies the lifestyle of young generations. "It's about all the emotional baggage that you carry with you that you have an outlet for“, Interpreted Armstrong.

If you are looking for easily digestible and happy music, you should keep your hands off this album, because there are quite a few copies waiting for you with distinctive themes. So it says "Holiday“As a counter-blow to the aggressive BushGovernment and the band's most successful single to date "Boulevard of Broken Dreams“Embodies the feeling of emptiness and loneliness. Played in the correct order, all songs make up a coherent story, but the compositions also work stably on their own.

After wehad picked it up, we knew we'd done somethingaffen have theres surpasses anything we've done so far", leaves Mike Dirnt review the album completion (from "Bullet in A Bible“).

I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
to the 20th century deadline "
(„21st Century Breakdown“)

With the increasing success rate, the hustle and bustle around the Californians grew and so did the expectations of the new material. What could have been better than a play in three acts? Be it like this: from "Heroes and Cons“, „Charlatans and Saints"and"Horseshoes and Handgrenades"In 2009 the boys tinkered the eagerly awaited"21st Century Breakdown". The proven storytelling concept of the predecessor should be continued - with the difference that the singles do not have a fixed order. The story is about Christian and Gloria, who face the challenges of their time. Practice at the same time Green Day also for the first time severe criticism of the church in the form of "East Jesus Nowhere“ („A. fIrishman burns ttoday of blasphemy and Genocide"). The international success of the album confirmed the band at the top of rock and also in Germany the album stormed straight to number 1 in the charts.

Oh love, won't you rain on me tonight " („Oh love“)

It seemed like they had to Green Day continue to use their lucky streak - for a mega project in the form of three albums, which were to be released in 2012 only a few weeks in a row. "U.N!“, „DOS!"and"¡Tré!“Are seen as a contrast to the otherwise rather serious songs and are therefore simpler and funnier. In terms of health, he stood out Billie Joe The years of alcohol and drug consumption are noticeably decreasing, so that after a completely escalated concert in Las Vegas he went on a detox.

2015 became Green Day with inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a great honor to be part of. With that they moved straight away with their big icons like that Ramones or The clash.

I wanna be a celebrity murder " („Bang bang“)

The work "Revolution radio“Was created in 2016 under a completely new maxim, the Billie Joe At the end of 2015 tweeted: "My mission for 2016? To destroy the term 'Pop-Punk' forever". The following year they presented the solid rock album, which among other things. With the single"Bang bang“In which an assassin is heroized, hits the nerve of the times.

On February 7th, the trip goes with "Father of All Motherfuckers"further. The title is more provocative than ever, the pre-releases"Father of All"and"Fire, Ready, Aim“Give a taste of a new style. Green Day is and remains a changeable band that continues to reinvent itself to this day. At the same time, the musicians shaped an everlasting constancy: They have been working with producers since 1994 Rob Cavallo together, consist of the same formation and for a long time Billie Joe remains true to his childhood guitar. A band that is at home in rock, likes to venture into other genres and loves not always to please everyone.

Kick on June 3rd Green Day together with Weezer in Berlin as well as on the Rock on the ring other Rock in the park on (June 05-07).

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