Can shoes be vegan

Are vegans allowed to wear leather shoes - or is that inconsistent?


For many people, vegans who wear leather shoes are real evidence of inconsistent behavior. But why actually? Why is it so spectacular for vegans to wear leather shoes - but not for meat eaters? Are vegans not allowed to wear leather shoes? Do you make yourself ridiculous and implausible?

One thing in advance: As a vegan consumer portal, of course we don't want to advertise leather shoes. And leather is of course not vegan - nor is it a "waste product" from slaughter. The sale of leather makes the keeping and killing of animals more economically attractive and promotes those branches of industry that earn money through exploitation and environmental destruction.

Anyone who lives vegan and still buys new leather shoes is therefore indeed inconsistent.

But why should we or you care?
After all, vegans strive to stop contributing to animal exploitation and environmental degradation. Even if it is sometimes really difficult to implement this consistently down to the last detail. A vegan diet is already the most important step, as this is where most of the animal products are consumed. So the bottom line is that an inconsistent, vegan lifestyle is already beneficial for the environment.

But what this is about is the question: Do vegans really have to be consistent in every area?

The criticism of vegans who wear leather shoes is actually not at all reasonable. Anyway, this criticism serves more than a pretext itself nothing at all to change, because vegans aren't consistent either. According to the motto: If you cannot consistently do without exploitation 100%, you don't even have to start.

The argument that vegans who wear leather shoes are not credible is actually pointless, since most of the facts about animal husbandry and environmental degradation are already well known. There are connections that were not invented by vegans.

  • Animals die for animal products. Also for milk and eggs.
  • Animals mainly convert feed into liquid manure. Therefore, global animal husbandry is one of the greatest wasters of resources.
  • Animal husbandry produces a lot of methane gases and CO2, which are driving climate change enormously. An environmentally sustainable way of life is just possible with a predominantly plant-based diet. And yes, that includes ecologically produced shoes.
Is wearing fur worse than leather?
Yes, wearing fur is particularly bad
No - both are equally bad

In addition, many vegans only have old Leather shoes use upinstead of throwing them away. New shoes are then bought made from non-animal materials. In this way, too, they would like to avoid simply throwing away the shoes that they have already bought and which are still functional - because that would not improve anything.

Basically, the saying goes: it is better to sweep in front of your own front door first.
Ecological and ethical relationships persist even if they are not consistently observed. Therefore, from our point of view, it generally makes little sense to criticize people for their way of life. Those who are open to facts will overcome their prejudices themselves. Even the effort to make our own way of life more sustainable and fairer is definitely worthy of praise for us.

And: A significantly reduced animal consumption is still significantly better than trying to steal your own responsibility with regard to the supposedly inconsistent vegans with leather shoes.

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Author: Kilian Thirty