What is the definition of customer service

Customer service

Caring for the customer before, during and after the purchase. The customer expects at least satisfactory support from the seller. But this does not guarantee that he will not switch to a competitor after all. Customers expect at least the following support services from their suppliers:
1. Timely information if promises cannot be kept.
2. Correct and complete after-sales and repair services.
3. Comprehensible calculation of the services.
4. Clean and tidy business premises.
5. Friendly service, even at peak times.
6. Individual support and advice when making a purchase decision.
7. Response to complaints within one week.
8. Good return policy if the purchased item does not meet the requirements.
For the retail sector in particular, the support provided is decisive for competition, because the demands of customers have increased considerably due to positive service experiences in other branches of the economy. On the other hand, a lack of service orientation of individual companies is felt more strongly the more they align in their price / performance. This goes so far that retailers whose support services are inadequate have to reckon with lost earnings. On the other hand, various studies show that companies that have optimized their support service achieve up to seven percent increase in sales without taking customer recommendations into account. The extent to which this support service should be depends on the customer's needs. A customer can already be satisfied with the fact that he is served in a friendly and courteous manner at the fresh produce counter shortly before the shop closes. The decision as to whether a packaging service is more important than a change service should also be made from the customer's point of view. But customers also define support services differently. For buyers who find it difficult to make a decision, advice is a decisive quality factor. Customers who want to process their purchases quickly and easily are satisfied with the fast processing at the checkout.
However, companies can also inspire customers with new, effective advertising services. However, this assumes
- that they have mastered the care standards, and
- that the new service idea can be implemented with a consistently high level of efficiency so that there is no gap between demands and reality.
The question is also what investments have to be made available for certain care services. A distinction can be made here whether the service is offered as a package with the. The product is to be sold, e.g. the paid delivery or installation of a product, or whether the effort is financed by the additional sales that are hoped for. A detailed analysis of your own company shows, however, that the care service can be increased significantly and costs even decrease. This is the case when the performance and motivation of the employees are increased and the processes in the company are improved.

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