Should I be sad when I eat animals?

However, it is even better to think about a vegetarian diet.

Advantages of a plant-based diet

People who have changed their diet accordingly also show changes in their emotions. A plant-based diet helps to become more balanced, more confident and more peaceful. In addition, an expansion of consciousness takes place automatically.

This is because information is also stored in plants. Provided that the plants have not been sprayed or genetically modified, this information is exclusively positive information from nature. Both the sunlight to which the plant is exposed and the water and nutrients that the plant absorbs from the soil are absorbed by our body. In this way, every tissue in our body is supplied with this positive energy.

Future of humanity

As cruelly as we treat animals today, we also treat ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment in the end. This topic is not all about animals. Rather, it is also about ethics, about compassion and about the fact that we should finally recognize that all living systems are inextricably linked.

Through our eating behavior, we therefore not "only" torment the souls of our animals - our souls are inevitably also involved.

Of course we can supply the whole world with steaks and hamburgers - at least for a certain period of time. We can cut down the entire rainforest and turn it into pastureland. It will be fine for a few generations. But then it's over, because the entire environment will be irreparably destroyed.

So now is really the time that we come to a holistic view. If we want to have a future, we have to think about a sustainable way. This includes, among other things, restricting the consumption of meat. But this also includes saving energy.

This includes that we stop supporting companies that are destroying our planet and thus our future. This includes taking care of our health, etc. We have an obligation to make the changes necessary to keep our world living in peace.


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