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LASIK preliminary examinations

See clearly without glasses - LASIK eye surgery
can significantly increase the quality of life.

With over 40 million interventions in the last 25 years, LASIK is one of the most common operations in the western world and is accordingly well researched and developed. In good LASIK centers with modern technology and experienced eye surgeons, LASIK is considered extremely safe and the actual operation only takes a few minutes. However, it is all the more important to prepare for the procedure, which takes a correspondingly long time - after all, it is about your eyes!

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In order to be able to assess the chances of success and safety of a LASIK treatment, a comprehensive LASIK preliminary examination is necessary. During this very precise eye examination, various visual inspections and electronic measurements are carried out by the ophthalmologist. With the help of these examinations, certain factors can be excluded that could speak against a LASIK OP. It is also determined whether and how well the anatomy of your eyes is suitable for LASIK. The examining ophthalmologist, who has a lot of experience with LASIK interventions, will discuss your personal requirements, wishes and opportunities for LASIK with you and advise you on the selection of the most suitable procedure for you.

The LASIK preliminary examination includes:

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The Hildesheim Eye Center has a specialized, ultra-modern LASIK center, LASIK Hildesheim. Here the most modern eye lasers in the world are used and controlled by renowned eye surgeons (see also media reports).

  • LASIK with a modern excimer laser
    Classic, proven LASIK (eye lasers)
  • Femto-LASIK with femtosecond laser
    Even safer, more precise and more comfortable LASIK with this state-of-the-art eye laser

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