How can geometry be different in space

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Image: Druwe & Polastri

Mathematicians call these objects geometric solids. Body means that the objects occupy a space. They are three dimensional.

Of course, mathematicians have come up with names for the bodies. And there will also be formulas for arithmetic soon. :-)

But first the names ...

Bodies and their names

These are the most important bodies:

Cube cuboid

Cylinder cone sphere

Square pyramid Three-sided pyramid

Three sided prism Six sided prism


Bodies are through Surfaces limited. These areas can be different for the different bodies.

Example: three-sided prism

Above and below has the prism Triangles as surfaces.

On the sides has the prism Rectangles as surfaces.

You can feel surfaces when you take the body in your hand:

You can stroke over an area.

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Edges and corners

Many bodies have rough edges.
Body edges arise when boundary surfaces collide. Edges meet in one corner.

Example: cube

There are also curved faces and edges.

Example: cylinder


A special corner is the tip.

Example: cone

You can feel surfaces, corners and edges when you take the body in your hand:

You can stroke over an area.

You can run your finger along an edge.

A corner pokes your finger.

Oblique images

You can see corners and edges well when the bodies are drawn as an oblique image: