Where is Lake Tahoe located

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, almost 35 km long and 500 m deep, has the clearest water in America and is one of the largest mountain lakes in the USA. Due to its grandiose location on the ridge of the Sierra Nevada, it is a perfect holiday area for swimming, biking, rafting or hiking and in winter for boarding and skiing. An almost 250 km long circular path meanders around the whole lake. Especially on the east bank, the granite rocks of the Sierra often rise directly from the bank and you can see far into the green shimmering depth. Lake Tahoe gained fame as a winter destination back in 1960 when the Squaw Valley Olympics were held. Today the huge Heavenly Mountain Resort with 50 km of slopes is the most popular ski area - with a view of the lake and the desert.

Spring is actually the most beautiful time in northern Nevada. The desert valleys are blooming, the white pelicans are returning to Pyramid Lake, the mountains are waking up from their hibernation ... Or is it better summer? Then the high alpine meadows of the Sierra Nevada are in full sap and the biker and mountain biker scene is raging around Lake Tahoe. And then autumn, when the poplars turn yellow and the cowboys in Virginia City invite them to a camel race…. Or winter, of course: Then the sierra is covered by a thick blanket of snow, the ski lifts are running at full speed and the brewpubs on Lake Tahoe invite you to après-ski. It is not easy to decide which season is considered the most beautiful in northern Nevada. In any case, the region around Reno and Lake Tahoe is one of the most diverse in the state and extremely varied. In the west, the granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada tower up, which oppose the clouds of the Pacific in winter and often get 15 m of snow and more. A high alpine world of idyllic mountain valleys and lakes, framed by fragrant pine forests. The mountains of the Sierra, on the other hand, drop ruggedly and steeply to the east into wide desert plains. In between large salt lakes, half dried up. But then again - where the meltwater from the mountains reaches the valleys - green pastures and blooming farms. There, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, are also cities like Reno, the "Biggest Little City in the Worls" and Carson City with good restaurants and neon-flashing casinos. Again a completely different world - greater contrasts are hard to imagine. And this is exactly what makes the travel destination so attractive. High in the mountains on Lake Tahoe, water sports, mountain hikes and mountain bike tours beckon, and in winter the perfectly groomed slopes of the ski areas around the lake. At the foot of the Sierra Nevada, there are numerous golf courses in summer and winter alike, glider pilots make their circles and desert fans jet into the loneliness of the hinterland in four-wheel drive vehicles, where there are jagged canyons and hot springs to discover.

It is practically obvious that this alpine region is wonderful for hiking and mountain biking. Numerous water sports activities are also offered on the lake itself, such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking or jet skiing. Bathing at Sand Harbor on the east side of the lake is a must, which is also a popular photo opportunity because of the round rocks on the beach and the shimmering blue tones. However, the area is also famous for its excellent golf courses.

Emerald Bay

The lake is easy to explore with the paddle steamer. The Emerald Bay is another eye-catcher, the name suggesting the color of the water. This is really emerald green. The bay is already on California territory. The main attractions are Fannette Island and Vikingsholm. The latter is a 38-bedroom property owned by the widow Laura Night, who has taken her daily for five o'clock tea on Fannette Island. From her tea house she had a spectacular view, which, however, leaves nothing to be desired from her huge villa on the shore.


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