Heavy metal is good

How heavy metal music lowers blood pressure

Studies show that music affects the autonomic nervous system and thereby also the cardiovascular system. Music can lower heart rate and blood pressure, calm breathing, and reduce stress hormones. Classical music is most often used in therapy. A comparative study at the German university clinic in Herne has shown that in addition to music by Bach, Strauss and Mozart, heavy metal music can also lower blood pressure. However, the strongest effects were in fact achieved by a classic piece. Bach's orchestral study No. 3 with the famous “Air” suite lowered the patient's blood pressure by an average of 7.5 to 4.9 mmHg. With an initial value of 140 to 90 mmHg, that would be a reduction to around 132 to 85 mmHg. In the study, the heart rate also decreased by about seven beats per minute. After the end of the music, the participants' blood pressure and heart rate rose again. In the study, music by the ABBA group had no effect on blood pressure.

So far, scientists can only guess why the musical styles have different effects. Perhaps synthetic sounds don't work as well as real instrument music. And singing could also inhibit the positive effect. Ultimately, it is also important to take into account the individual music preferences of the patient. Because anyone who gets upset about music will not be able to achieve any antihypertensive effects.