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The Labor Market Research and Career Information Department - ABI for short - deals with the areas of labor market statistics, career information and qualification research.

Her tasks include the creation of information materials (folders, brochures, ...), the development, provision and updating of online tools to support the search for training, occupation, trends in the labor market, etc.

The publication of the current unemployment statistics as well as internal and external public relations are also among the core tasks of this department.

The training database is a free platform made available by the Public Employment Service. Here course institutes can independently enter and maintain their offers at any time or keep them up to date. The Public Employment Service takes NO responsibility for the topicality of these offers.

Here you will find forms, brochures and other information material to download

  • Interactive catalog of professional information brochures
    Recommended procedure: Download the catalog in pdf format and save it on your computer => Download => Open the saved catalog (Adobe Reader required). From the table of contents on the first page or the navigation bar (at the foot of each page) you can click to access the brief descriptions. If you want to open or download a brochure, click on the corresponding green download button.
    Order option: The AMS will be happy to send you printed brochures by post (up to 2 copies free of charge) => Order form
  • Career orientation and career choice
    Well-prepared and considered career choices increase the chances of making the right decisions. Brochures such as "Tips on choosing a career" and videos on various topics provide lots of suggestions and help.
  • Girls & women
    The AMS supports women and girls in choosing a career and qualification, in finding work and in returning to work after the baby break. Various brochures and videos with lots of information and suggestions are available here.
  • Apprenticeships
    Which apprenticeships are there in the most important occupational fields? What training content do they have in common and how do they differ?
  • Professions by schools
    Are you looking for a vocational school but you don't know which one to consider? Or are you looking for a suitable school because you want to do a certain job later?
  • Professions by universities
    In addition to basic study information such as course content, exams and student numbers, these brochures deal in particular with the professional opportunities for graduates of the fields of study described.
  • further education
    Continuing vocational training is becoming increasingly important. Open-mindedness towards new developments and willingness to learn are important prerequisites for professional success and job security today.
  • Professions with good opportunities
    The AMS qualification barometer shows you which chances you have with which qualifications. You can find out more about the individual professions in the brochures in the "Professions ..." series.

There is a large selection of information media available to you in the AMS's BerufsInfoZentren (BIZ) Professions, employment opportunities as training other Training courses available free of charge. In addition, every BIS Events