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The best Whatsapp status quotes in April 2021

Status reports are not only available on Facebook and Instagram, but you can also share your own status messages on Whatsapp. Users of the app don't let their hair down and turn the tiny text, image or even video contributions into their own art. After all, who wants to make people yawn with boring insights like “It's going to be the end of work soon” or “My stomach is growling”?

Regardless of whether it is beautiful, funny, sad or thoughtful, a well-made Whatsapp status slogan not only makes an impression on friends or like-minded people within topic groups, but can even reach viral popularity! But what does a status message have to bring with it in order not only to arrive in a small group, but also to be forwarded beyond the limits of one's own sphere of influence?

Browse through our fund of the best Whatsapp status sayings and let yourself be inspired. Our crash course 'Virality on Whatsapp' also explains the elements that are most important.

Whatsapp status messages sorted by category

Here you will find suggestions for short, beautiful, funny, thoughtful, absurd and cool WhatsApp status messages for almost every situation in life. We regularly update this fund for you with new, inspiring content. This leads directly to the individual categories:

Post a Whatsapp status message: Here's how

A status in Whatsapp is a message that can be viewed by all contacts in the status area of ​​the app for a limited period of 24 hours. The status can be a text and emoji message. Users can also share photos, videos and animated GIFs as status.

Reading tip:Whatsapp update - current changes and innovations

A Whatsapp status can only be posted directly from the smartphone. Status messages can currently only be read in Whatsapp Web. To publish a status, do the following:

  1. Open the status screen in Whatsapp (Android: swipe to the left in the start screen; iOS: button at the bottom left)
  2. Now select the type of status you want to send and click on the corresponding button: camera button for photos and videos (from the gallery or direct recording) or pen button for text and GIFs
  3. Tap on "Submit"

An important note on visibility: A Whatsapp status is only visible to users who have mutually saved each other in the smartphone's address book. Just because you know the phone number of other users, you cannot see their status messages.

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