Every POS supports the GS1 Databar voucher


For satisfied consumers and success at the POS

Fulfilling consumer wishes and further sharpening processes to the company's benefit - with the standards and services of GS1 Germany.

The needs and expectations of customers at the point of sale are becoming more demanding and more individual. Consumers and shoppers want a wide and deep assortment, always well-stocked shelves and fresh goods, attractive offers and good clarity in the store. GS1 Germany offers solutions to make the point of sale attractive for the respective target group and at the same time to optimize the processes at the POS - for relaxed shopping and efficient action.

Product safety

The past food scandals show one thing very clearly: Industry and trade can score points with consumers through a high level of product transparency and differentiate themselves from competitors. GS1 Germany supports you with specific solutions.

  1. Traceability
    The origin of goods is becoming increasingly important for consumers. The solutions from GS1 Germany enable a transparent supply chain and clear product information.
  2. fTrace
    Whether meat, sausage, poultry, fish or fruit: With the information system from fTrace, consumers can trace products back to the producer directly at the point of sale.
  3. Trusted data
    Safe, reliable product information: GS1 Germany works with industry and trade to develop solutions and specific recommendations.
  4. Food transparency
    The food information regulation requires even more information on ingredients and origin. How should this information be communicated to the consumer? Who is responsible for the information? GS1 Germany provides the answers.


The target group-specific alignment of products, product groups and assortments is more important today than ever for success at the point of sale. The portfolio of GS1 Germany contributes to this success.

  1. Category management
    By jointly aligning product groups to customer needs, the partners of category management processes can increase their sales. Experts and the know-how of GS1 Germany support you in this.

cash register

For the consumer, successful shopping is rounded off by a quick checkout process. GS1 Germany shows ways for a secure, fast payment process.

  1. Mobile payment
    The smartphone makes purchasing decisions and processes easier for consumers. This also includes contactless payment with the smartphone. GS1 Germany develops solutions for standardized, safe and efficient processes.


What does the customer want at the POS? What does he expect from products, ranges and sales areas? GS1 Germany helps you to implement the answers in your processes.

  1. Shopper Research
    What do Germany's companies from the fields of industry, trade and services know about shopper research and to what extent is it used there?
    In order to answer this question and at the same time to get a picture of the current project work of the companies on shopper research, GS1 Germany conducted a survey.
  2. Shopper Marketing
    With shopper marketing, the focus is on the buyers at the point of sale and the different types of shopper. GS1 Germany, with the participation of experts from industry and trade, has set up a “Shopper Marketing Specialist Group” to analyze the status of this method and develop recommendations for action.

Mobile commerce

Searching for, comparing and shopping for products via mobile phone: GS1 standards are incorporated into the development of compatible mobile applications so that trade and industry can optimally exploit the new MobileCom services.

  1. Extended packaging
    The code on the product is scanned with the smartphone and the app displays product information such as allergy information. GS1 Germany helps you to implement extended packaging measures correctly.
  2. Mobile couponing
    The voucher business via mobile phone is booming. Consumers have their coupons with them at all times without paper. We help you to process attractive discount campaigns quickly and safely.