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Half the price, but still better: the new Xiaomi beats the iPhone in the WiFi test

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Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers always want to be better than Apple's iPhone, and that will remain so in the new year.

Xiaomi would like to do better than the competition in some categories, even if the prices of the devices are sometimes well below those of other manufacturers. A current example is of course the Xiaomi Mi 11, which has a Chinese price of only 500 euros. Even an expected euro price of around 700 euros would be well below that of an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (RRP: 1249 euros). No reason not to compete anyway.

Xiaomi therefore never tires of trying to prove what its own new top smartphone is significantly better than its expensive competition. The integrated Wlan-6 interface should be able to do more, at least shows a test by Xiaomi in a new video. However, they used their own AX6000 router (75 euros), which certainly did not happen by chance. For the eternal iPhone comparison that fits, they say at Xiaomi.

Victory in a daring comparison: Video should clearly underpin the Mi 11's WiFi speed

Regardless of the distance, the new Xiaomi Mi 11 is clearly ahead, at least in terms of speed. At a distance of around 53 meters, the Xiaomi smartphone reaches 774 Mbit / s, the iPhone only 415 Mbit / s. At around 114 meters there are 659 Mbit / s against 358 Mbit / s and at 161 meters it was still 512 Mbit / s against 214 Mbit / s. In other words: even at the greatest distance to the router, the Mi 11 was faster than the iPhone at the shortest distance.

High numbers are easy to advertise, Xiaomi gratefully accepts this

The high speeds in particular always sound pretty good at first glance, but should often be rather uninteresting on the smartphone. In my opinion, in addition to a reasonable speed, the latency (ping) is more important. The lowest possible delay is also an advantage of 5G for the future networking of all technical devices in everyday life.

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