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Zeolites form a group of water-containing, crystalline alkali and alkaline earth aluminosilicates that are widespread or artificially produced in nature and occur in numerous modifications.

The zeolites can be found in a wide range of applications, including as ion exchangers, for water softening, as nitrogen absorbers for oxygen production, as EDTA substitutes, as molecular sieves, as desiccants in dishwashers, in self-cooling beer kegs, etc. They are used on a large scale in detergents. In addition, zeolites are among the most important catalysts in the chemical industry.

Below is a list of natural zeolite producers and suppliers of pure zeolite and zeolite products.

International manufacturers and suppliers

Special zeolites - [e]

Special zeolite powder - [e]

Quantachrome Instruments
... is a world leader in the development and manufacture of laboratory instruments for characterizing properties of porous materials and powders - [e]

W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn.
Zeolite Molecular Sieves - [e]

Zeolyst International
... has specialized in zeolite powder, catalysts and adsorbents since 1988 and has developed into a world market leader for commercial and specialized zeolites - [e]

Bear River Zeolite
... promotes, processes, packs and sells the finest natural zeolite at the best price - [e]

Micromeritics Analytical Services
... specializes in the characterization of fine powders and solids - [e]

Northern Filter Media, Inc.
... offers the industry's most comprehensive range of products for filtration media, including activated carbon, anthracite carbon, birch, calcite, diatomaceous earth, filter aggregate, filter sand garnet, manganese green sand, supporting gravel, resin zeolite, etc. - [ e]

Rive Technology
The proprietary technology invented at MIT makes traditional zeolite catalysts for large hydrocarbon molecules more accessible and enables increased production of gasoline and diesel fuel - [e]

St. Cloud Mining, Inc.
Zeolite is a safe, natural, non-toxic, and inexpensive organic material that has been shown to have commercial advantages in a wide variety of applications - [e]

Zeo, Inc.
The leader in natural zeolite products and technologies - [e]

Anten Chemical Co., Ltd.
... is a leading manufacturer of synthetic sodium silicate, specialized zeolite powder and other performance materials for the chemical, petroleum, catalysts, adsorbents, detergents, pulp and paper, water treatment and construction markets - [e]

... has become an important player in the field of molecular sieves and a recognized expert in this field - [e]


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