How do I practice Aikido at home

Aikido exercises without weapons at home?

I am Aikidoka and I comment on this

Basically, you shouldn't do experiments that go beyond your actual level - no matter how many videos you watch.

There is a very good reason that there is still no weapon training for lower grades, which one should also accept:

Many movement concepts of Aikido have historically developed from weapon techniques - however, the safe mastery of unarmed movement patterns is urgently required in order to be able to learn the Aikido-specific handling of weapons later.

Those who have not internalized the basic principles of unarmed combat can neither defend themselves against attacks with weapons nor carry out reasonable attacks later during training.

So you need the movements of unarmed techniques in order to be able to carry out meaningful weapon training.

Honestly: Do you really think someone is pushing someone who can't even take a decent Tenkan step, or his "mae ukemi"still looks like a somersault with a training weapon in hand?

Individual exercises: As OnkelSchorsch said, you can discuss with your teacher which exercises you can do on your own.

Techniques that are also practiced individually in group training, such as "ikkyo undo"and"tai sabaki"can actually also be practiced in everyday life. But as I said: ask your teacher.

I noticed myself at the beginning how useful the concepts of tenkan and irimi can be when you want to get through a crowd. ;-)