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Your entry as a business analyst: the best mix of IT and consulting

IT business analysts play a crucial role in the success of a company. In a global, technologically and regulatory increasingly demanding economic environment, you always have an overview and offer the necessary technical expertise. You can quickly and systematically immerse yourself in new surroundings. With the help of the most modern methods, business analysts show the decision-makers of companies which IT solutions are best suited to the respective business area, for example in order to optimize company processes.

As a job prospect, Capgemini provides answers to the most important questions on this page: What does a business analyst do? What are the tasks and characteristics of the profession? How do you become a business analyst at Capgemini? And what career opportunities are there for you here?

What does an IT business analyst do?

Business analysts work at the interface between business and IT. They are problem solvers who are just as familiar with operational processes as they are with the underlying technologies. In doing so, they take into account both general market developments and current trends in various industries.

"Translating strategy into action" is the motto of business analysts. So the job doesn't just include advising on strategic approaches. The goal of business analysts is to analyze the situation of the respective company or authority and to improve it with the help of the right implementation processes. Based on the individual needs of the customer, a business analyst initiates the appropriate technical solutions systematically and analytically, accompanies and communicates the transformation process over the entire duration of the project.

Incidentally, at Capgemini we use the job title “Business Analyst” synonymously with the term “IT Consultant” or “IT Consultant”, but the fields of activity are identical.

Our current vacancies for business analysts

Find out about other interesting business analyst jobs in our job portal! There you will find all vacancies at Capgemini. Of course, we look forward to receiving your informative speculative application!

The specific tasks and skills of business analysts

The classic border between management and IT consulting is hardly present these days. Instead, holistic solutions are becoming more and more important in today's world of business and public administration. Cross-departmental and sustainable IT concepts for every need are in demand. Our business analysts design the future of our customers - both economically and technologically.

The central challenge of business analysts is to pay attention to aspects such as feasibility, efficiency and customer benefit in the solutions that have been developed. Before further implementation, they coordinate their approach with all employees and departments involved - which requires a high level of team spirit. At the end of a project, the business analysts at Capgemini also manage quality assurance and testing.

The business analyst's field of activity therefore includes, in particular, capturing, structuring, analyzing and visualizing business process requirements, on the basis of which the concepts are created. The typical methods and tools that business analysts use are, for example, business process modeling, requirement engineering and technical solution design (FCD).

Quality management, coaching and project management are also part of the tasks, which not only make the job varied, but also entail a high level of responsibility.

Important soft skills: Business analysts advise, control, negotiate

Two essential soft skills for the job of the IT business analyst are empathy and a talent for communication.

Business analysts deal with various specialist departments such as management, operations or IT on a daily basis. The interests, perspectives and problems that they have to take into account are correspondingly different. Business analysts act as a forward-looking link that brings together experts from different specialist areas and develops a common path to success.

On the one hand, it is important to explain complex relationships in an understandable manner to the various specialist departments. On the other hand, business analysts make it clear to the software engineers of the respective IT solution what specific needs exist in the specialist departments involved.

In which sectors are business analysts active?

The job of the business analyst is usually cross-industry, with specializations in certain areas possible. There are many possible uses wherever there are interfaces between the IT area and other specialist departments of a company, such as in departments for business intelligence, data mining or customer care.

Our business analysts often work with clients from the public sector, with companies from the life science or automotive industries, as well as from the logistics, finance, insurance, aviation and many more industries. We show specific fields of activity and sample projects at Capgemini on our industry pages.

Your start as a business analyst at Capgemini

The first step to a successful career as a business analyst at Capgemini is to apply. The requirements include a university degree in computer science or an economics / administration / natural science course with an IT-related focus. A comparable training with practical experience also qualifies you for the position of IT business analyst.

At Capgemini we are looking for Bachelor and Master graduates as well as experienced professionals. Ideally, you will convince in the interview with your competence, motivation and passion for the job.

As a career changer, you will also get a chance with us, as long as you have the necessary basic knowledge and want to develop yourself further. Knowledge of software development is an advantage.

Your career as a business analyst at Capgemini

The business analyst career at Capgemini develops over various stages. With the appropriate commitment, you can advance from a team member to the position of sub-project manager to project manager. We also enable you to choose new paths at any time within the framework of the career model and to continue your career in another department, for example.

Your continuous professional and personal development in the role of business analyst is a central element of your career at Capgemini. Our diverse further training opportunities and a collaborative network of colleagues will help you to prepare yourself as best as possible for higher tasks and future challenges in every phase of your career. Our flexible benefits for our employees also offer you attractive additional benefits such as the greatest possible compatibility of family and work.

Further insights into the job as a business analyst: interviews and sample projects

And what do our employees say about their tasks as business analysts? You will get the best impression of everyday work at Capgemini through the personal experiences of our colleagues.