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CONTENT: Episode 271 October The mayor informs p. 3. News p. 6. The chairman informs p. 8th


1 Episode 271 October 2016 CONTENT: The mayor informs p. 3 News p. 6 The chairman informs p. 8 From the municipal council, associations and corporations p. 10 Births, Weddings, Deaths p. 40 Anniversaries p. 41 dates p. 42

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3 The mayoress informs him and her, dear young people! Remember love and he, he love youth! We are back from a short summer break full of vigor. Most of us are already fully under control of our everyday work. The main vacation time is over, the vacation is already a thing of the past and the KIGA and school are busy playing, doing handicrafts and learning again. At the beginning of September our children's campus was officially opened for its intended purpose. Read about this in our own report in our issue. Here is a short report on the latest news from the last few months and weeks: Holiday program The children of our community were able to choose from a varied and diverse program again this year and thus enliven everyday holiday life. Numerous clubs, organizations and private individuals have put themselves back in the service of the good cause and offered our children a meaningful leisure activity. Around 400 children took part in the numerous events. For some events, additional dates even had to be inserted in order to accommodate the large number of registrations. Many thanks again to all the organizers for their commitment in the interests of our children. The best reward for this is certainly the laughter of the children and their enthusiasm with which they take part in the various offers. I am already asking you to participate actively in the organization of the holiday program in 2017. Last year she had to cope with a number of tests and passed them with flying colors. So I was able to tell her on 1.9. together with the employees of the municipal office, officially congratulate them on taking over the management of the office. I wish her all the best once again on this path, a lot of joy in the diverse and varied work in and for our community. For the previous AL Johann Schwed, with the entry into well-deserved retirement, a new phase of life begins, for which I would also like to wish him all the best in this way, first and foremost, of course, health, joie de vivre and many happy hours with his family. The official farewell party for AL a.d. Johann Schwed meets with the members of the GR and long-term companions Bgm. A. D. Anton Stiegler and AL a. D. Josef Resch instead. AL Katharina Pabst Since 1.9. Katharina Pabst is now officially in charge of the municipal office. In 2005 Katharina Pabst started working as an apprentice in and for our community. Over the years she was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and experience in almost all areas and areas of responsibility for church work. Especially in the 3rd

4 Information 4

5 The mayor informs the entrance to the school / KIGA. I can again appeal to all parents who bring their child to the KIGA or school in their own car. Especially in the morning at the start of lessons or at noon after school, a lot of cars drive to the school parking lot and often stop right in the access area, away from the marked parking areas, so that the children can get in or out quickly. On the one hand, this often creates a confusing traffic situation for all road users and often obstructs the access of the kindergarten bus and the road safety of our KIGA and school children suffers considerably as a result. If possible, please let your child get on or off at the village square. Your child can then safely and safely go to the KIGA or school on the demarcated path and a little exercise can also do no harm. If your child gets on or off at the school car park, please park or only keep your car in the designated and marked parking areas. Aside from these marked parking areas, stopping and parking is prohibited on the entire site. Please note this in the interests of the road safety of our children. Safety vests for school beginners Together with the civil protection officer of our community, Kdt. Christoph Föttinger, I was able to hand over the safety vests free of charge to the children of 1st class VS on September 26th. Especially in the coming autumn and winter months, when dusk begins very early and lasts for a long time, or fog obstructs the view, pedestrians are often very difficult or barely recognizable. The safety vests with the reflective stripes should make our children clearly visible to all road users on the way to school or during their outdoor leisure activities and thereby help to avoid accidents. Kdt. Föttinger also explained to the children that, especially in the next few weeks, he will be out and about in the school area to see whether the children are also wearing the vests. He will reward hardworking porters with a little surprise. The civil protection association provides information on the blackout topic On September 26th there was an interesting panel discussion with representatives of the emergency services, politics, administration, energy suppliers and civil protection on the topic of blackout - the total power failure. Under the patronage of all communities in the Schwanenstadt judicial district, the possibility or probability of such an event was discussed. Numerous visitors accepted the invitation and took the opportunity to ask questions at the panel discussion. The aim of the event was to mobilize self-help skills in the population as a preventive measure by creating awareness and raising awareness. In particular, when it comes to stocking up on food, drinking water and the medicines that are required on a regular basis, personal responsibility is unavoidable. I have already agreed with our civil protection officer, Kdt. Föttinger, to provide further and more targeted information for our population or to offer corresponding information events. In the hope that this scenario never really occurs, I wish you all still colorful and beautiful autumn days! Mayor Ulrike Hille 5

6 News Many thanks to the FF for the steward service and the hospitality! 6th

7 News Children's campus opening ceremony The official opening ceremony of the children's campus on the weekend before school started turned out to be a very nice celebration. Despite the previous holiday weeks, the children of the KIGA and the VS organized the word service celebration in the church, as well as parts of the entertaining supporting program of the subsequent ceremony in the VS gym. Among the numerous guests of honor, in addition to the representatives of the construction companies, LHSTv Stelzer, the second President of the Upper Austrian Parliament Dr. Cramer, as well as the LAbg. Krenn and Kroiss, as well as BHStv. HR Dr. Sagerer found. In her welcoming address, Mayor Hille thanked all GR and especially the colleagues of the GV for the good and uncomplicated cooperation during the implementation phase of the construction project, as well as AL a.d. Schwed and AL Pabst for their careful support. The educational staff of KIGA and VS also had to accept all kinds of inconveniences during the intensive construction phase and mutual understanding was in great demand. All in all, however, all efforts have paid off and the children now have appropriate rooms available. KIGA, VS, afternoon care and also dining rooms - everything is now housed under one roof and offers the children the best possible freedom for personal development, development and pedagogical training. Mayor Hille also thanked the representatives of the state of Upper Austria for the financial support that is essential for the implementation of such a construction project. The budget of Ð 2.375 million specified for the first construction phase could not be fully adhered to despite the utmost thrift. Before the numerous interested visitors were able to convince themselves of the successful implementation in the course of guided tours through the new premises, pastor's assistant Mag. Greti Gschwandtner blessed the new premises with the guests of honor. The opening ceremony ended with a cozy get-together, at which the comrades of the FF took care of the hospitality of the guests and the band played for morning pints. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the success of the festival. 7th

8 The party chairman informs the ÖVP Family Cycling Day On September 18, 2016 it was that time again. We cycled through our community by bike. Despite many bad weather forecasts, the weather god meant well with us: The weather was perfect for cycling. Many cycling enthusiasts were there on time for the start in the village square and it was a pleasure to greet the big and small cyclists. The route led from Hub Haus Windern Fallholz Viecht Hamet Penesdorf Aichlham Feldham Oberhaidach Unterhaidach to Deutenham to the Mair Karl and Sonja family, where our barbecue took place. The ÖVP women again offered homemade cakes, sausages, beer, lemonades and coffee. There was 1 free lemonade for all children to take part in the family cycling day. The ÖVP sandpit, the street chalk and a trampoline were available to the children at our event. The youngest cyclist to ride his little bike the whole way was Tobias Tischler made of fallen wood. I gave him a small present as a reward for the effort. As a thank you for providing the machine hall, the Mair Karl family received a plow iron for the regent plow as a gift. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all participants in our cycling day, as well as the ÖVP team for their active cooperation in the preparation and implementation of the ÖVP family cycling day. Special thanks are due to Mr. Föttinger Johann for transporting the fixed items. We look forward to the family cycling day

9 The party chairman informs the ÖVP's children's holiday program The ÖVP also took part in the community's holiday program with a particularly attractive item on the program: snorkeling at the Traunfall. The partner in the implementation was Franz Pramendorfer's Atlantis diving center. 16 children took part in the event. There was a lot of tension in the matter. Putting on the diving suits was already the first experience for the children. Then we went to the Traun for snorkeling training. But then it got serious. About 1 km upstream from the Traunfall it went into the water. Many large fish and the varied river bed could be admired. Down the river, the children could also visit the remains of the flooded houses, which were once used for salt shipping. After the snorkeling, a camp was set up and the children grilled crackers. Everyone was hungry and the grilled crackers tasted delicious. A big thank you to Franz Pramendorfer sen. and jun. as well as to Katharina, who in turn made it possible for us to show this beautiful natural spectacle to the children. Also a thank you to the children for participating in the ÖVP vacation program Vice Mayor 9

10 From the local council Local council meeting on September 27, 2016 The following items on the agenda were discussed or resolved: Item 1) Report from the mayor On the part of the Upper Austrian state education department, the municipality receives approval to operate a 4th kindergarten group up to the year Die Gesunde Gemeinde receives from the state Upper Austria. A funding amount of 100 euros as thanks and recognition for 10 years of Healthy Community On November 26, 2016 at 7 p.m., our Healthy Community project will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a cabaret. A letter from LH Dr. Josef Pühringer informs us that a state loan in the amount of taken up for the canal construction - our community will be waived. The election of the Federal President will take place on December 4, 2016. The electoral authority meets before the next GR meeting at 7 p.m. The audit report Reinhaltverband Schwanenstadt - is available and gives no cause for complaint. Item 2) Budget 2016 Audit report from BH-Vöcklabruck BH Vöcklabruck states that the estimate 2016 is in order in all 3 areas (principles of preparation, medium-term financial plan and duty post plan). Unanimous vote point 3) Compulsory school district of the new middle schools Change The change of the compulsory school district of the new middle school Attnang / Schwanenstadt was decided unanimously. Every student now has the opportunity to attend the New Middle School across the country. If there is no place in the selected school, the Schwanenstadt comprehensive school district applies in this case. Item 4) Appeal against tax notification This item on the agenda has been canceled Item 5) Fire brigades Procurement of FF replacement clothing NEW Within a period of 10 years, uniform operational clothing is to be purchased from our fire brigades. 3 emergency suits per fire brigade are purchased per year. The cost of an emergency suit is 700. The following funding is unanimously decided by 2020: State of Upper Austria 200 Municipality 200 Funding of the state fire brigade command 60 Contribution from the fire brigades. 240 point 6) Fire brigades application for subsidy 2016 The Sicking and Windern fire brigades organize festivals lasting several days every year and use the proceeds from these festivals to finance the purchase of necessary equipment or cover the expenses for ongoing operations. According to the regulations, the fire brigades have to pay an amusement gift for these events. It is unanimously decided that the two fire brigades will receive an additional allowance in the amount of the amusement tax to be paid. FF Sicking 1,383.15 and FF Windern 2,575.81. This makes a total of 3,958.96. Item 7) Music band application for funding 2016 The band asks for annual support from the community in order to cover the running costs. As in the last few years, the community has given an amount of 2,200.00. Unanimous resolution. Item 8) Appointment of the treasurer and deputy. With the resignation of the chief officer Johann Schwed, it is necessary to appoint a new treasurer. Ms. Katharina Pabst, the head of the office, and Maria Ardelean, the deputy, are unanimously appointed as the new treasurer. 10

11 From the municipal council point 9) Personnel advisory board change of members A replacement is also necessary in the personnel advisory board. Ms. Judith Kroiss and Ms. Paula Eisenknapp are unanimously appointed to replace Johann Schwed. Item 10) Anything a thank you to the fire brigade for serving on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Kindercampus will be given. Mayor Hille invites the local councilors to the farewell party for Head of Department Schwed Johann on November 4th, 2016. Thanks also go to Ms. Mayor Hille and the community employees for the perfect organization of the opening ceremony of the children's campus. There is a new variant of the pedestrian crossing in, which was created by the police. It must now be checked by the traffic expert. 11

12 Senior Citizens Association

13 Seniorenbund Almen-Wanderausflug On the day excursion on July 20th with 47 people, the journey went via Kirchdorf, Liezen and Gröbming into the romantic Sölktal. After a refreshment stop at lunch in the Breitenlahnalm, there were hiking opportunities to the small and large Schwarzensee at the head of the valley in wonderful weather. The return journey took place via Bad Mitterndorf and Bad Aussee with a stop at the well-known Kohlröserl inn on the Ödensee. Country trip 2017 to Ireland On July 27th an information lecture by Moser Reisen took place in the parish center Schwanenstadt, at which 12 he were also present. The big country trip of Upper Austria was presented. Seniors' Association to Ireland in 2017. The travel date to the Green Island for the Vöcklabruck district is from May 8th to 15th. The all-inclusive price for self-service members when booking up to is 1350 from. For non-members, a surcharge of 70 applies. Interested parties should contact Chairman Landertshamer in good time. 1st district cycling day Although the weather was not very inviting, 8 members of our local group took part in the 1st district cycling day on August 12th in Ottnang-Manning. At the very well organized event, there were 2 routes of 18km and 36km to choose from. In the marquee of the Hausruckchor at the Wirt in der Au, the participating cyclists were able to strengthen themselves accordingly. Senior Afternoon On August 17th, the traditional senior afternoon took place again at Gasthaus Kastenhuber in Viecht. There was also the opportunity to visit the paper mill's Siebenbrunn electric power station below the inn with a guided tour, during which one learned more about the history of this system. At the cozy get-together that followed, Chairman Landertshamer reported on the latest from the local group, but there was also plenty of opportunity for entertaining discussions and exchanges of views. Active week in Mayrhofen 20 members of our local group experienced a beautiful and eventful week with numerous sporting and cultural offers at the 15th active week of the Upper Austrian Seniors' Union from August 27th to September 3rd in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. For the first time, over 1000 participants were counted. 5 4 District hiking day in Roitham At the senior citizens' association district hiking day of the Gmunden district in Roitham on September 1st, 7 people from our local group took part and got to know the landscape of our neighboring community better. 6 Excursion to the Wachau The excursion on September 7th took us to the beautiful Wachau with a visit to the Danube power plant Ybbs Persenbeug. After lunch in a wine tavern in St. Michael, a Danube boat trip from Spitz to Krems was on the program, where you could enjoy the scenic beauty of the Wachau In sunny autumn weather, 27 cyclists met to tackle the approximately 20km long route. From there it went via Hofstätten, Edt, Hamet, Parz, Föding and Wiesen in the Aurach Valley. Passing Aurachkirchen we reached Wankham. Now only the Sickinger Berg lay ahead of us and the cozy stop in Gh.Mair.But even the mountain was not an obstacle, especially not for the cyclists with electric assistance. After refreshing drinks and a good snack, we cycled home. 7 13

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15 Rural youth Rural youth excursion to Tyrol and Bavaria An excursion is already a fixture in the annual rural youth plan, this year too. On Saturday, September 24th, we started from the village square towards Tyrol. Our first stop was in Kössen, where a traditional cattle drive took place. We could not only marvel at cows but also horses, agricultural implements and much more. After a short refreshment at the morning pint there, we set off for the next item on the program. In small groups we contested the Fun Olympics, where we had to tackle various tasks at several stations on the way to the Edernalm. Some were physically demanding, others had to be shown to be dexterous and some had to be smart. Whether playing a game of golf, throwing hiking boots or making 5 squares from various puzzle pieces, there was something for everyone. Once at the top, we were able to fortify ourselves with delicacies with a great view and give our legs time to rest. After the descent, we made our way to the youth hostel. Only a short time later we visited the Landjugend Walchsee and their Lederhosen party. On Sunday we crossed the border to Germany, more precisely to Oberaudorf. Everyone can make their dream of flying come true on the most modern and safe flying fox facility in the Alps. On the platform of the start tower you can enjoy a grandiose view of the imposing mountain peaks of the Kaisergebirge to get in the mood. After putting on the seat belt, go to the departure ramp. Just hooked on a steel cable, you can fly at up to 80 km / h over a distance of around 700 meters - over the mountain meadows directly into the valley to the destination tower. The summer tobogganing, which also took place in Oberaudorf, was a little less rapid, but no less fun because of that. After a few hours, however, it was time to go home. At the Pepi Tant in Rutzenmoos there was the last little stopover before we all arrived unharmed apart from the sore muscles from hiking. At this point we would like to thank Thomas Föttinger. As in previous years, he has planned another great excursion this year, which went off without any problems. The next dates to note: October 16th - parish coffee December 3rd - Christmas party December 25th - youth ball in Geboltskirchen January 28th - annual general meeting December 15th

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17 Farmer women and rural women Holiday program of the farmer women and rural women In gloriously beautiful weather, we started our holiday program this year on the subject of Baking your own Weckerl. The first group immediately started kneading and shaping the prepared dough. The best shapes such as snails, Flesserl, pretzels and own creations were created. Meanwhile, the second group enjoyed themselves at play stations such as cutting flour, fishing for apples or hopping sackcloth. Then they exchanged. There was also a quiz about the different types of grain. In between we prepared fresh popcorn for everyone. In the end, parents and children were amazed at how beautiful their rolls had turned out and some were eaten right away. 17th

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19 The farmers' union informs Farmers appeal to buy regional products No other professional group has suffered such severe loss of income in recent years as local farmers. Sure, farmers are entrepreneurs and take risks. They sell their products in global competition. But, they also do a very valuable service to society in the form of a well-tended landscape and a high degree of self-sufficiency. A lot is at stake for the consumer! A farmer cannot deliver a liter of milk for 25 or 30 cents. We should ensure this fresh, high-quality food by buying high-quality products. It is worrying that water that gushes out of the ground free of charge is sometimes sold more expensive than milk. And one more thing: It is a scandal that the grain farmer only receives 13 cents for a kilo of good bread grain this year if we compare the prices of bread, muesli, etc. on the shelves: a shame! The farmers' unwillingness to invest is therefore alarming, but not surprising. But this should give us all to think about, because: If the farmer dies, the land dies! The farmers' union congratulates its honorary chairman Franz Resch and his wife a little late but no less warmly on the 90s and the Iron Wedding "! Stay healthy and keep your joie de vivre! Congratulations on your 85 and good health, we wish old farmer August Müller-Kreutzer 19

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21 Kameradschaftbund Weinfest 2016 Wine lovers and gourmets could already get their money's worth on Friday. With fine wines from various wine-growing regions such as Wachau, South Tyrol, Styria and a hearty Heureigen snack, the physical well-being of the visitors was well catered for. The Zuagroasten Zillertaler took care of the musical entertainment. Oldtimer Tractor Meeting 2016 This year, too, the tractor meeting took place on the Festwiese in Berg. The KB was pleased about more than 200 tractors that could be evaluated. After the field fair with the blessing of the tractors, there was an extensive tractor tour in the community area. Finally there was the big award ceremony with 100 prizes and the raffle for a vintage tractor. 21

22 music band / advertising 22

23 Band Children's Holiday Program On August 6th, the music band organized this year's holiday program. Over 30 enthusiastic children spent the afternoon with the musicians. Together they got to know the instruments used in the band, which of course were tried out diligently afterwards. During a carving hunt in the village, various stations that required skill and creativity were completed. This afternoon, which was very popular with the children, came to an end with sausages and drinks. Wedding of Melanie & Johannes The invitation to the wedding of our former sutler Melanie Hochleitner and her groom Johannes Strasser on September 17th, 2016 was accepted by the band with great pleasure. After the civil and church wedding, we serenaded the newlyweds. We thank the bride and groom for the invitation and wish them all the best for their future together. We warmly congratulate ... our tenor horn player Rudolf Kastenhuber on his 60s. The band was allowed to celebrate the milestone birthday with the jubilarian and of course serenaded him to celebrate him. Football derby against FF On August 7, 2016, the annual football derby between the band and the fire brigade took place. The spectators were offered a gripping duel in which both clubs had good chances. However, the band was able to make better use of their chances and just won this soccer match 4: 3. Many thanks to the FF and all fans for this fun football evening. The band hopes to continue this tradition. Outings in summer Also in summer the band participated in some events of the community and he clubs. This is how the musicians organized the service at the tractor meeting of the Comradeship Association on the festival meadow in Berg. In addition, the festival for the opening of the children's campus took place on September 11, 2016, which framed the chapel with a morning pint. Please note: Annual concert on October 22nd, 2016 On October 22nd, 2016 the band's annual concert will take place in the VS gymnastics hall at 8 p.m. A varied program is offered to the audience under the direction of Daniel Kröchshamer. Concert-goers can listen to very special musical sounds with pieces of music such as Sound of the Alps, Toto in Concert 'or The Magic of Mozart. The band cordially invites the community to the annual concert and is looking forward to numerous visitors! Leonhardiritt on

24 Union Turnverein DSG Turnverein PROGRAM 2016/17 SPINE GYMNASTICS from September 19, 2016 every MONDAY at 6 p.m. with Doris SENIOR TURNING from October 18, 2016 every TUESDAY at 6 p.m. with Daniela ELTERN-CHILD TURNEN from 3-4 years from October 18, 2016 every TUESDAY at o'clock with Helga KINDERTURNEN from 5-6 years from October 18, 2016 every TUESDAY at o'clock with Helga KINDERTURNEN from 20 October 2016 every THURSDAY with Katharina von Uhr for class elementary school from am for class elementary school NORDIC WALKING every FRIDAY at clock with Ursula meeting point: Parking lot VIECHT We look forward to many participants! 24

25 Union Turnverein DSG holiday program In bright sunshine we took the bus to Neukirchen a.d. on August 16. Vöckla to the OBRA Kinderland. We spent a fun and exciting afternoon with 41 children and 9 carers. With hay hopping, panning for gold, the big slides and on the climbing tower, the time went by in a flash. Nevertheless, according to an old tradition, an ice cream could not be missing. Thanks to all the children and supervisors for this fun afternoon. Rewarded loyalty - the Kastenhuber family sponsors Nordic walking dress Ursula Neuhuber's Nordic walking group always ends the Friday afternoon at the Kastenhuber guest house in a cozy atmosphere. This was reason enough for the innkeepers Kastenhuber to sponsor functional camisoles. Chairman Helmut Hille would like to take this opportunity to thank them very much for the generous donation! 25th

26 Reiterhof Hofstätten Children's holiday program at the Hofstätten horse farm in this year, too, the riding and driving club organized a program item in the community's children's holiday program. On Saturday, July 30, 2016, the children and young people of the community were allowed to spend an entertaining afternoon at the Hofstätten riding stables in bright sunshine. The children were divided into groups, which gradually demonstrated their riding skills in gymnastics on the horse, their artistic streak in coloring various horse pictures and their creativity in painting horses. Another great item on the program was to get make-up from the girls of the riding club, mostly animal-like. At the end of the nice afternoon, crackers were grilled around the campfire. We would like to thank our helpers from the riding and driving club for their support and look forward to a repeat next year. Haflinger day with stallion award for Haflinger stallion STUNTMAN On Saturday 13th August 2016 the Haflinger horse day took place in the Horse Center Stadl-Paura with a stallion line presentation of the Haflinger stallion STUNTMAN. The stallion line STUNTMAN presented itself together with 2 licensed sons and their foals in the fifth generation. Stuntman was drawn to Strumer, his mother Mada to Afghan by Roman Bundschuh from Lienz. Bought in 1995 by the Mühlleitner family from Stadl-Paura, who led stuntmen to stallion licensing and numerous sporting successes, the Übleis-Lang family from Hofstätten bought stuntmen. Even after 24 years, the stuntman presented himself as a fit and agile all-round horse at this event and showed the young horses where the hammer is. Awarded the association premium in gold, the stuntman will continue to spend his life with his playmates and his riders with the Übleis-Lang family at the Hofstätten horse farm. 26

27 Reiterhof Hofstätten Successful participation of the riding and driving club at the CWN-C in Stadl-Paura from August 2016 The riding and driving club in cooperation with the Reiterhof-Perfahl from St. Thomas near Grieskirchen and the horse center Stadl-Paura took a leading role in the Western this year - Tournament in the horse center Stadl-Paura. The invitation to the final weekend of the 3-part Upper Austria Series in Stadl-Paura (1st part in Hofstätten, 2nd part in St. Thomas) was followed by 81 horses named, who competed 375 times with their riders. From August 2017, we as a riding and driving club will use the excellent location in the Stadl-Paura Horse Center to host the Upper Austrian state championships for western riding in the open and youth class. Upper Austrian regional champion in western riding 2016 Our chairman Thomas Übleis-Lang was able to catch up with his 5 year old American Quarter Horse mare MM Jacs Keira on 4th and 5th September 2016 in Oberhofen am Irrsee, the Upper Austrian regional champion title in the trail and the vice national champion title in the pleasure. On behalf of the Reit- und Fahrverein, we congratulate you on this outstanding achievement and wish you great success in the future. Large horseshoe, rider pass and needle test at the Hofstätten equestrian center in On Friday, September 9, 2016, the riding and driving club at the Hofstätten equestrian center organized the exams for the large horseshoe, the rider pass and the rider needle. After weeks of preparation of the participants by our horse host Katharina Übleis-Lang, the 16 test subjects of our club, as well as 3 participants from guest clubs, partly nervously started their exams and mastered them with flying colors. At this point we would like to thank the judge Mag. Elisabeth Kotzab-Wallentin and the assessor of the regional association Gerhard Hochholzer. At the big horseshoe, the participants presented their horse in a controlled manner in the gaits of walk, trot and gallop. For the rider pass, the test subjects mastered a dressage task and a jumping course in the field. For the riding needle, the participants had to ride a demanding dressage task as well as complete a jumping course at the riding arena. After the riding test, the participants were tested in theory. We are particularly pleased that the Vice President of the Upper Austrian Equestrian Sports Association, Mr. Gerhard Pischlöger, took the time to personally congratulate our test subjects on their performance and to present them with the medals they had longed for. The riding and driving club congratulates the examinees on their achievements! Large horseshoe: Leonie Bauer, Leonie Steinhuber, Hannah Lenz Reiterpass: Julia Malzner, Laura Schönberger, Marlene Reiter, Sofie Stögmüller, Anna Engelbrecht, Marlene Hofbauer, Denise Tressler, Eva Etzer, Doris Lughofer, Andrea Hable Reiternadel: Franziska Wimmer, Jaqueline Schönberger, Anna-Lena Penetsdorfer, Lisa Etzer, Sandra Hafner Reiternadel jumping: Magdalena Hüttner 27

28 Advertising Channel or drain clogged? RRD Line: 0800 / Pipe and sewer cleaning Pit and sewer service Sewer rehabilitation, pipe TV Investigation and location 24 hours a day Emergency service, 365 days / year Preventive maintenance work Grease separator maintenance Drainage chamber cleaning 0:00 a.m. Gastro emergency service What to do when nothing works? No problem! Simply dial the RRD 0-24 o'clock emergency number 0800 /! Headquarters: Windern 83, 4693 Tel .: 07673 /, Mail: 28

29 Reiterhof Hofstätten The successful graduates of the various riding exams - Congratulations! Club outing on September 17th, 2016 This year's club outing took us to our neighborhood in Stadl-Paura and Lambach on the occasion of the 2016 state exhibition. The first item on the program was a tour of the counter train. The unexpected often happens: One group did not start the journey on the Trauner (salt ship), presumably due to the slightly rainy weather. And so we were able to enjoy a three-quarters hour trip on the Traun, where we were told exactly what hardships the ship's people had to go through in the past in order to transport the salt from the Salzkammergut. The highlight of the trip was the beating of the horses (harnessing) at the mouth of the agers in the Traun. From there it went back to the Salzstadeln at an unexpected speed with 4 HP. Afterwards we visited the exhibition on the topic of horses in the horse center Stadl-Paura where we were led by Dr. Andrea Holzleithner, the former director of the horse center, were shown through the stables of the horse center and got a historical insight into how it came into being. After lunch in the 7-person stall, the next item on the program took us to Lambach Abbey. There we marveled at the cultural, artistic and mystical representation of man and horse. Before we stopped at the landlord in the Fischerau for a cozy end, we visited the Rossstall in Lambach. 29

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32 FF Sicking It is a concern of the FF Sicking to inform the population about the fire brigade. Successful Au Festival We can look forward to a successful Au Festival again this year. The broadcast of the European Football Championship games in the marquee, which we organized, was used by many guests. We would like to thank all visitors from near and far, as well as the helpers for the work they have done. We thank the neighbors of the festival area for their understanding. Children's vacation program As part of the community's vacation program, over 40 children accepted the invitation from FF Sicking and were guests of the fire brigade. The various devices were tried out with great enthusiasm. The parents were also enthusiastic about the demonstrations. According to the motto: Those who work must also strengthen themselves, after the many activities there was a snack for everyone. We hope to have sparked enthusiasm for the fire brigade in some of the young participants. Anyone over the age of 10 is welcome. 32

33 FF Sicking Exercises and Disengagements Even in the summer months there were exercises in which many comrades took part in spite of the vacation time. Every 1st Tuesday of the month there is an exercise at 7:30 p.m., to which everyone can come and take part. There were also trips to fire brigade festivals by fire brigades in the area. Each fire brigade is happy to see so many guest fire brigades come, so that the ceremony is also a sign of togetherness. We also had to move out a few times to remove wasp nests. Successful youth work We would like to congratulate our youth once again on their success in the competitions. Anyone interested in participating in the youth can contact the youth supervisor Markus Glanzer at any time.The comrades are happy about everyone who shares the enthusiasm with us. Announcement: A first aid course will take place in the Zeughaus on the following days: Monday, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. : 00-22: 00 Please register at tel. 0676 / or at the landlord in Sicking. 33

34 Youth fire brigade of the community / advertising The future of every fire brigade lies in the youth group! In addition, it is important to offer children and young people a meaningful leisure activity, which is what the fire brigades also do! Since 2013, the youth groups of the 3 er fire brigades (Sicking and Windern) have been competing together in the performance competitions, which leads to great successes. Regular top placements in the Schwanenstadt fire brigade section, years of top ten results at district level and a 21st place (out of 309 youth groups from all over Upper Austria) in the 2014 state competition are the fruits of years of good work by youth workers and their protégés. The challenge cup for the most successful youth group in the section has also migrated to the community in the last 3 years! Successful again in 2016: In the past competition year 2016, a new class system was used. Group 1 secured the great 10th place overall in the district league (highest rating class). Group 2, with many younger children, was able to achieve the excellent 11th place in class 3. The youth workers: Michael Pamminger Gruber (FF), Markus Glanzer (FF Sicking) and Stefan Schwed (FF Windern) and their helpers are currently taking care of the 28 boys and 5 girls. All 3 fire brigades are constantly looking for new members for the youth fire brigade! The children of the fire brigade youth can confirm that the training and leisure activities of the fire brigade are fun, varied and meaningful leisure activities! If you are interested, please contact the youth worker or commanders of the respective fire brigade! 34

35 Youth fire brigade of the community 35

36 FF Windern The summer months were the usual big challenge for FF Windern. The WINDERN 2016 tent festival was the highlight of the festival season and once again attracted crowds of people to celebrate in Windern. In addition to the tent festival, several missions were also carried out. Above all, the devastating flood in Laakirchen, during which the Windern fire department was in action for 4 days, required many hours of work! WINDERN 2016: After a successful start on Friday and the Grandmas "as well as the DJs Wolf le Funk and Chris Gomez, the rush of visitors on Saturday exceeded all expectations! For the sixth time, the TOP band EXIT 207 ensured a lively party atmosphere in the marquee The main stage was the party tent with DJ Piety, nine different bars and the big disco in the fire station with the top DJs: Funky House Brothers and Tony Mandic! Times filled. The FF Windern would like to thank all of the residents for the great understanding that is shown to us every year! MISSIONS: Saturday Due to the enormous heavy rain in the areas of Roitham, Lindach and Laakirchen, the Windern fire department was called in for pumping work in the neighboring district of Gmunden. 3 missions were carried out with the LFA vehicle. - A person rescue in Wangham - A vehicle recovery in Laakirchen - 2 pumping works in Stockham Due to the large number of missions, we also moved out with the RLFA vehicle. The first two missio ns planned on Gmöser Strasse could not be carried out due to the impossibility of access due to the extremely high water level on the street. During the third mission, pumping work was carried out in Höglinger Strasse. After more than 6 hours at around 1:00 a.m. - the missions could then be ended! Sunday Due to the devastating storm the day before, the Windern fire department was called back to Laakirchen for pumping work on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. With RLFA, LAST and additional submersible pumps, pumping work was carried out in Laakirchen (Dürerstraße area). Basement rooms and garages, which were filled with a water-sludge mixture over 2 meters high, were pumped out and cleaned. A car was pulled out of a basement garage and handed over to the towing service. By means of our street washing system, 3 larger street sections were cleared of mud. At around 6:30 p.m. the fire station was 36

37 FF Windern to be moved. After about 1.5 hours of cleaning work, the mission was over! Saturday After another heavy storm in Laakirchen, the Windern fire department was ordered back to Laakirchen on Saturday at around 8:30 p.m. When we arrived in Laakirchen, we found almost the same catastrophic situation as on July 2nd. After the issuing of orders at the FF Haus Laakirchen, the asphalt floor hall was cleared of the penetrated water and a FOX pump and a submersible pump prevented the penetration of even more water. The crew of the second vehicle pumped water from a cellar in the Schneiderhaid area with 2 submersible pumps. Further pumping work was carried out in the Dürerstrasse area. However, these were canceled due to the enormous amount of water. These missions could be ended at around 00:30. Sunday The damage from the previous day was repaired on Sunday from 07:34. Pumping, clearing and cleaning work was carried out in several areas / localities by around 6:00 p.m. - Pumping and cleaning work in Dürerstraße - Pumping work in Thal - Several streets were cleaned with the street washing system. 16 men were on duty the whole day! It should be mentioned that the FF Windern has more (submersible) pumps than prescribed. In the event of the flood in Laakirchen, several missions could be carried out at the same time. These pumps are just one example of how the money made at the tent festivals is used! 37

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