What is a software writer

Get to know the Writer desktop app

Create, edit, and collaborate on documents from the comfort of your own home. Get to know the complete desktop word processor that has it all but costs nothing.

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Same powerful writing experience in Writer

We have integrated Writer and all of its functions into one intelligent application so that everything - from writing and editing to signing and collaborating - works as smoothly on your desktop PC as you are used to from our browser version.

Work offline

With Writer Offline for your desktop, you can work without interruption even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Bring your work to your desktop

Do you still have open work on your smartphone or iPad? Sign in and sync it with your desktop app to finish your work on a bigger screen.

Switch to Writer

Writer's desktop app is a full-featured word processor that gives you access to all of the editing and formatting tools you need to create beautiful documents. That makes them a great Microsoft Word alternative that is completely free.

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