Why is air conditioning maintenance important

Servicing air conditioning systems - this is how it works

Air conditioners should be cleaned and serviced regularly. Dirty or even clogged filters and stale condensation water not only minimize the performance of the system, they sometimes turn the device into a true spreader of bacteria. While certain maintenance work should only be done by professionals, you can also do certain things yourself.

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You can do that yourself

With a little technical understanding, it should be possible to empty the condensation water that arises in the system and to change or clean the air filters; this usually does not require a specialist. What is important is the corresponding display on the device, which tells you when the condensed water container is full. If you overlook this moment, the system will stop operating without warning. Split systems, on the other hand, should always be serviced by a specialist. The maintenance of the air filter is particularly important.

Necessary maintenance intervals

The time intervals at which you should or should have a look at the system always depend on how much (air) dirt is produced in the respective room. Do you smoke, cook or just sleep ... factors that have a positive or negative effect on the service life of an air filter. In addition, the maintenance intervals also depend on the air conditioning category. Here is an overview.


regulated functions

Plant designation







Simple ventilation system

THM-C1xx   Ventilation system with heating function or air heating system



Partial air conditioning with humidification function






Partial air conditioning with cooling function
THM-C4xxxx(x)Partial air conditioning with cooling and humidification function
THM-C5xxxxxAir conditioning with all functions ("full air conditioning)

x = Is regulated in the partial air conditioning system
(x) = Is influenced in the partial air conditioning system, but not regulated.