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Find out beforehand about the countries you are traveling to. Obey local laws, religious traditions, customs, business practices, and codes of conduct.

The rule of thumb: the more exotic the destination, the more the culture of the destination country differs from your own, the more important it is to prepare for the trip and to adhere to the instructions and rules of conduct during the trip.

1. Find out how the local telephone system works and have the local emergency numbers ready. In the event of an emergency, you should also have access to these telephone numbers on your mobile phone. An information sheet with the most important information and telephone numbers for emergencies helps you to take the right measures immediately, to avert danger and reduce the consequences.
For every longer stay (hotel, bar, restaurant, shop and so on), try to memorize the exits and consider possible escape routes.


2. On the way there, try to remember public buildings (police stations, authorities, hospitals and so on) in the vicinity that could offer protection in the event of a terrorist attack.


3. Avoid panic in the event of an attack. Whenever possible, stay calm and act wisely.


4. Get an overview of where the danger is coming from. People running away are usually an indicator that an attacker is coming from there or that an attack was / is threatening.


5. Don't run blind with the crowd. Sometimes moving away from the crowd can be the right way to go, especially when a mass panic is looming.


6. Act as inconspicuously as possible and do not draw attention to yourself unnecessarily.


7. Get out of the danger zone quickly and do not hide in the immediate vicinity. Terrorists often search the area for people in order to kill them.


8. If a large number of uniform security guards or police officers suddenly appear, seek shelter quickly in a suitable place, such as behind a pillar, a large machine or heavy furniture.

9. Do not take pictures with your smartphone and, in particular, do not post them on social networks. You are an easy target during the shoot. In addition, this could provide perpetrators with information about the police / security forces' procedures and tactics.


10. If you are in buildings in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene, move away from windows or panes of glass. Otherwise, you could hit ricochets or ricochets in a shootout.


11. Barricade yourself and behave in such a way that the perpetrators do not notice you.


12. If it is safe to do so, inform people you trust about their situation, where you are and that you are fine.

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