What are the best data structure texts

Automate text creation across systems

Classmate text generator:

With the Simus Classmate suite, databases can be structured in company systems. The text generator module is responsible for automatically creating rules-based texts on the basis of this data structure.

The amount of data that arises in manufacturing companies can be managed more easily with valid standards for their systems and maintenance. Simus Systems GmbH wants to help with its modular Simus Classmate software suite. Their text generator module generates structured and standardized texts from complex individual data.

In companies, texts or text modules are required, for example in parts lists, orders, offers, material masters or data sheets. When creating and maintaining data, different locations, departments and employees can easily result in unstructured, incomplete or incorrect data records without standardized, textual specifications. There are also typing errors or inconsistent translations for international use. With rule-based text creation, these errors can be reduced or avoided entirely.

The prerequisite for this is the cleansing and preparation of existing data. Simus Systems provides the Classmate Data module for this purpose. If the database is correct, the text generator automatically creates uniformly structured and standardized texts such as designations with technical information, order texts or customs designations on the basis of freely configurable rules. If parameters are changed in the future, the module immediately adapts the texts - even in several languages, if desired. The application's interfaces allow data to be maintained across systems.

(Source: Simus Systems GmbH / Image: Simus Systems GmbH)

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