How can I get VPS for free

Free server? Better to go straight to STRATO

Stability and many possible combinations

Top quality is not available for free, but at STRATO it is extremely cheap. With our powerful virtual servers (V-Servers) you can implement demanding web projects - and at a price-performance ratio that is second to none. If you use a free Virtual Private Server (VPS), you will usually only be offered a minimum of service and performance. A completely free V-Server also has to be financed by the hosting provider in some other way; Therefore you have to reckon with restrictions in the configuration and in the choice of the operating system, in the size of the web space and in security. Traffic is probably also limited or longer downtimes can occur because the capacities are insufficient.
All of this can be accepted for private web projects. But as soon as it comes to getting started in business, a free virtual server is not flexible enough and probably not secure enough either. At STRATO you rent a fully fledged complete system at a fair price and with no hidden additional costs.

  • powerful virtual server for demanding web projects
  • cheap thanks to shared server
  • independent through encapsulation
  • stable values ​​for RAM, CPU and web space
  • Windows or Linux as the operating system
  • Strong security concepts
  • TÜV-certified data centers according to ISO 27001

Free choice of server operating system

Unlike most free server providers, with STRATO you have the choice between Windows and Linux different server operating systems for all server products - each with the pre-installed Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS, Debian 7 and 8 as well as CentOS 6 and 7. The switch between the systems is possible at any time free of charge.

Numerous additional features

If you use a free V-Server, you usually need to have expertise in server administration. At STRATO you get Plesk onyx, the award-winning virtual control panel, to set up your server comfortably and without in-depth knowledge of the operating system.

The STRATO Monitoring Services in the basic version send you by e-mail if one of the services of your server has a fault. The standard monitoring interval is 30 minutes. The real-time evaluation for daily to annual periods is already included. An upgrade to more extensive versions is possible at any time.

TrafficControl offers you comprehensive traffic statistics and alerts you immediately if something should change in the normal operation of your server.

With the RecoveryManager you still have access to the server even if this is no longer possible in the normal way. There are no additional costs or waiting times with the reliable rescue system compared to free server providers.

Convenient data backups

STRATO BackupControl The standard version includes on every Linux V server: Automatic backups and up to 10 control states from the last few days are available to you at any time to save your data. For a small monthly surcharge you can, among other things, extend the backup intervals, perform an immediate backup and, if necessary, save it permanently. In addition, the desired time can be set when the backups should be carried out automatically. Should it ever be necessary to import a backup, you can have an earlier save state restored free of charge.

Maximum security

Many hosting providers who offer VPS for free on their servers postpone security issues due to a cost-based business model. At STRATO, on the other hand, contemporary measures stand for you comprehensive IT protection on the agenda for more than ten years. Your security on the Internet is important to us. To this end, we not only invest in the infrastructure of our data centers, but also develop in numerous partner programs product-specific security featuresthat are specially tailored to the needs of our customers. This makes us one of the most secure hosting providers in the world.

Server location Germany

STRATO has two server centers in Germany, which are therefore subject to the German data protection law - this is one of the strictest in the world. Every year the STRATO data center, our data protection measures and the availability of all services are updated from TÜV according to ISO 27001 certified. This certification also includes the sophisticated physical protection of the servers so that the risk of failures is minimized. Together with the backup and other security measures described above, reliable all-round protection of your data is ensured.

Excellent service

Customers who use a VPS server for free often wait days or weeks for their request to be processed by the free server provider. At STRATO, on the other hand, stands a excellent service just as important as the high-performance hosting products. In order to process all your inquiries quickly, STRATO offers a competent telephone service as well as individual e-mail support. You can reach our intensively trained staff on the phone on workdays and on weekends. Via the e-mail support from your password-protected customer login, you can also send contract-relevant inquiries and orders quickly and easily.

You can find further support in the STRATO FAQ Center. There you will find extensive, illustrated instructions and problem-solving suggestions.

Further server solutions from STRATO

For even more performance, you should take a look at the Dedicated Servers from STRATO. If you choose a root server, you get your own server full admin access and current hardware. This is also available to you as a managed server. Further server offers are, for example, the multi-server with flexibly scalable virtual structures and cloud servers, with which you can flexibly configure the resources of each virtual machine and thus yours adapt to current needs can. This is also available as a managed cloud with an extra service.


  • Providers of free V-servers have to compromise on performance, service and security in order to be able to offer the servers free of charge.
  • For this reason, free servers are not a good choice for demanding web projects.
  • At STRATO you get versatile server solutions at low prices.
  • Benefit from numerous configuration options, practical additional features, high security standards, excellent service and stable performance.