How much does a usual wedding in Ghana cost

Traditional bridal fashion in Africa - this is how the black continent gets married

Africa, the so-called black continent, has a multitude of far-reaching traditions.

Among the most beautiful are the wedding ceremonies, which could hardly be more different. The religious diversity alone contributes to the fact that ceremonies and the associated wedding dresses are at least as diverse as the people and the black continent itself.

The black continent shines in bright colors

Probably the most beautiful wedding ceremonies in Africa are those of the Ndebele in northern South Africa. The actual wedding consists of three stages, which means that the wedding can sometimes extend over several years. After the bride's families have initially agreed the release for her, the bride is isolated from her everyday life for two weeks. During this time she is taught by other wives how to behave as a good wife. After these somewhat unusual processes, however, the most beautiful part comes, the celebration. Usually not only the families but also the entire village of the wedding couple take part in this. At this ceremony, the bride is richly adorned with pearl jewelry on her arms, waist and legs. In many regions of Africa it is also common for the bride to wear jewelry from close relatives. Often these are primarily traditional necklaces or bracelets and only in a few cases rings or earrings. The real eye-catcher, however, are the Ndebele's wedding dresses, which are traditionally as colorful as South Africa itself. In most cases, the wedding robe, which is more of a cloak, is made up of the colors of the South African national flag. Six-colored capes in black, red, white, blue, green and yellow are therefore not uncommon and ensure that the bride is the focus of the ceremony. According to the tradition of the Ndebele, however, the bride is only considered properly married once she has given birth to her first child.

Colorful weddings in Ghana

In many places the black continent stands for pure joie de vivre. This is particularly evident at weddings in Ghana - there are hardly any black or white wedding dresses there. In Ghana, both colors are associated with death and funerals. To symbolize the exact opposite, people usually get married in colorful clothes from Kente. The raw material for these splendid garments is either cotton or silk. The different patterns that the dresses have are all based on historical events or wisdom of the respective peoples and have their own names. The geometric motifs, which represent a striking feature in addition to the coloring, are based on the most varied of views from the animal and plant world as well as sunsets or rainbows. Seen in this way, the designation of Africa as the black continent is actually out of place in Ghana. There is hardly any other place in the world that is more colorful and atmospheric.

Tradition is a valuable asset, but modernity does not stop at Africa either

How much the black continent is changing is now more than clear in some countries such as Ethiopia. Instead of traditional dresses, the trend is for gorgeous white wedding dresses that are very similar to ours. In many places, the trappings are more reminiscent of a typical European wedding. And yet, while the official and public weddings are more and more shaped by European models, the latest at the private celebration in the home village is based on proven traditions.