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All personality tests for applications at a glance.

Personality tests in almost 25 percent of all German companies.

When it comes to selecting their personnel, companies are not only concerned with technical skills. The use of an online test, assessment center test, intelligence test or aptitude test is therefore often not enough for HR managers. The social skills and personality of the individual applicants are increasingly becoming the focus. Qualities such as the ability to work in a team, the ability to criticize, flexibility or resilience are now standard character traits that potential new employees should bring with them.

As part of the recruitment test procedure, there is a large number of personality tests available. Many are serious, but others are pseudo-scientific nonsense. Since personality analyzes have long been an important part of the therapy of mentally ill people, they do not enjoy a particularly good reputation in Germany. Nevertheless, almost a quarter of the companies in Germany now use personality tests when selecting applicants for a job in order to create a personality profile.

Screening of applicants is even more common and widely accepted abroad. In the USA or England, up to three quarters of all companies carry out personality tests. In Denmark it is even quite common to take a personality test and even questions about personal financial circumstances or pregnancy are not taboo there.

However, a personality test alone cannot reflect the applicant's character. It only serves the purpose of confirming the impression from other recruitment test procedures in the assessment center, such as interviews, the mailbox exercise, self-presentation, role play, the case study or case study solution or group discussions, or to provide additional information .