What is Mercedes Benz Service B.

Mercedes inspection

Mercedes inspection: intervals, scope of services and workshop offers

Regardless of whether you drive a Mercedes-Benz A-Class or C-Class. Just like any other car, a Mercedes has to have regular inspections. Maintenance is the basic service for every Mercedes. The service interval display, which is available on all modern Mercedes, informs the driver automatically and in good time about upcoming maintenance. On FairGarage you will find offers for the inspection of your Mercedes at independent and authorized workshops in your area. With us you can compare costs without obligation, view services with price details and arrange the right appointment directly online.

That is why the inspection is important for your Mercedes

Only original parts from Mercedes-Benz or identity parts should be used for maintenance. This gives you the full functionality of the Mercedes, ensures value retention and a long service life. The scope of the inspections includes important tests and diagnoses that provide information about the vehicle condition and the status of important systems. As part of all inspections on your Mercedes, the oil filter and engine oil are changed.

Different Mercedes inspections

What exactly is done with the Assyst A and Assyst B can be found in the service booklet of your Mercedes. Some of these services are type and equipment-specific. Of both services, the Assyst A is the smaller and more or less the basic inspection at Mercedes. Service B is carried out when the number of kilometers is higher. It is also called the great inspection. The two services differ in the scope of the maintenance work carried out, as is common with other manufacturers. The inspection services at Mercedes Service B are more diverse and contain more checks than at Service A.

Scope of work by Mercedes Service A

The smaller Mercedes Service A (Assyst A) includes the following work:

  • Oil change with filter
  • From the outside: Check the front and rear lights, the windshield wipers, as well as the condition of the outside and windshield of the vehicle for visible damage.
  • In the interior: seat belts and seat belt buckles are checked for function and external damage.
  • Check the function of the signaling devices, indicator lights, symbol lighting and interior lighting
  • In the engine compartment: the fluid levels of the engine cooling system, the brake system, the windscreen washer system and the battery are checked and corrected if necessary.
  • In addition, at Mercedes Service A, the tread depth is checked on all tires, including the spare wheel, and the inflation pressure is also corrected if necessary.
  • For vehicles with Keyless-Go: change the battery of the key

Finally, the service display in the instrument cluster (Assyst with scope of service display or Assyst Plus) is reset.

Scope of Mercedes Service B

The Mercedes-Benz Service B (Assyst B) is carried out when the number of kilometers is higher and is also called the major inspection. Service B examines the typical wear parts at Mercedes and replaces them if necessary. Overall, Service B goes much further and includes, in addition to Service A, many additional maintenance work and checks.

The Mercedes Service B also includes these checks:

  • Brake test on the test bench
  • Measurement of the thickness of the brake discs and the brake pads
  • Examination of the tires for damage and measurement of the tread depth
  • Check the underside of the vehicle for leaks and damage
  • Check the front axle, track and steering rod joints for play
  • Checking the rubber sleeves
  • Check the ribbed belt for wear and damage
  • Check all visible parts in the engine compartment for leaks and damage
  • Check the function of the windscreen washer system and, if necessary, the headlight cleaning system

At Mercedes Service B, the dust filter or the combination filter is usually replaced, and the bonnet lock and the safety hooks checked for ease of movement. In addition, the headlight range control and its setting. The wiper blades and the expiry date of the tire sealant are also checked. Both can be exchanged on request.

From Mercedes Service A to Service H: What do the letters mean?

The Mercedes Service C or Mercedes Service D, for example, does not represent a defined scope of maintenance. The letter (A-H) only gives information about how long the maintenance will take. The exact scope of the work and due items for Service C, Service D, etc. is always determined individually depending on the vehicle and determined with the help of a code that the vehicle workshop reads out before the inspection. The following digits in the Mercedes Service B1, A3 or B5 give the workshop foreman information about additional work that is required. You will find a precise overview of what will be done with your due Assyst after selecting your car and the desired inspection in the offer details of our FairGarage portal.

When is the next Mercedes inspection due?

Regardless of whether you drive an older Mercedes A-Class or a new C-Class, the display of your vehicle will automatically inform you when the next service is due. The regular inspections are the basis for ensuring that a Mercedes-Benz remains in perfect condition when it is in operation. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility in the event of negligence on the part of the vehicle owner. If something is criticized that is related to missed inspection intervals, goodwill is usually rejected.

Which workshop for the inspection?

It is best to have your Mercedes serviced where you feel good. One point speaks in particular for the Mercedes-Benz authorized workshops: the mechanics there have years of experience with all Mercedes models and are extremely well trained. Even less common models such as the SL or the large coup├ęs are checked there in large numbers on a monthly basis. Routine plays an important role here and enables employees to quickly identify typical weak points.

When choosing your workshop, however, you do not have to limit yourself to an authorized Mercedes-Benz workshop. Free voting applies, which has been confirmed by clear court judgments. Nevertheless, a prerequisite for a permissible inspection is that it is carried out exactly according to the manufacturer's specifications.

The right workshop quickly found at FairGarage

With FairGarage you will always find the right workshop for the inspection of your Mercedes. All workshops are highly qualified and only use original spare parts. The prerequisites for a proper inspection are therefore always given. You will also find out which work steps are carried out during the inspection and how these affect the final price. Good maintenance pays off. Regardless of whether you want to drive your star a few thousand more kilometers or want to achieve a good price when reselling it.

For these Mecedes-Benz models, the inspection is most frequently searched for:

  • Mercedes BM 168 A-Class
  • Mercedes BM 203 C-Class Lim.
  • Mercedes BM 203 C-Class T-Model
  • Mercedes BM 211 E-Class T-Model
  • Mercedes BM 211 E-Class Lim.
  • Mercedes BM 212 E-Class T-Model
  • Mercedes BM 203 C-Class Sports Coupe
  • Mercedes BM 169 A-Class
  • Mercedes BM 212 E-Class Lim.
  • Mercedes BM 170 Roadster SLK
  • Mercedes BM 209 CLK Coupe
  • Mercedes BM 171 Roadster SLK
  • Mercedes BM 209 CLK convertible
  • Mercedes BM 210 E-Class T-Model