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Frequently asked questions about Shopify and Shopify Plus

Especially companies that want to get started with e-commerce or online retailers who want to switch from another shop system such as Magento, WooCommerce or Shopware are intensively involved with Shopify. Shopify is a cloud-based commerce platform from Canada, which is now used by more than a million retailers worldwide.

As one of the first recognized Shopify experts in Germany, with more than 200 online shops serviced and as the first official Shopify Plus agency in the DACH region, we have gathered a lot of expertise over the past seven years. We try to pass this on to a certain extent. That is why we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions about Shopify and Shopify Plus in the following article.

Table of Contents

  1. How is Shopify doing?
  2. How much does Shopify cost?
  3. Can I cancel Shopify on a monthly basis?
  4. Is Shopify Good?
  5. Can Shopify be customized?
  6. Is Shopify GDPR Compliant?
  7. What is Shopify Payments?
  8. Is there an enterprise solution from Shopify?
  9. What does Shopify Plus cost?
  10. What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

How is Shopify doing?

As already mentioned, Shopify is a cloud-based system and a pure SaaS solution. The hosting, the operating systems, the servers and thus the entire operating technology of your Shopify shop is managed by Shopify itself, which means that you do not have to worry about backups, updates or the implementation of new versions.
To use Shopify, log into your browser or your Shopify app and access your backend and administration area from there. Here you can add products and categories, place legally relevant information on additional pages and change the design using drag and drop. You will find many free and paid designs as well as extensions for your shop in the theme and app store.
With an uptime of 99.98% and a free SSL certificate, Shopify is a secure solution that won't let you down, even with high traffic.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify comes in a variety of plans that have a monthly cost. The cheapest version is Shopify Lite with $ 9 per month. Here you get the opportunity to use Shopify without a complete shop. Shopify Lite enables you to add e-commerce functionality to an existing website using the Buy button or to sell it on Facebook.

The Shopify plans also include the Basic tariff for $ 29 per month plus 2% transaction fee and the Shopify tariff with $ 79 / month (plus 1% transaction fee). Shopify Advanced, currently the most comprehensive standard plan, requires a monthly payment of $ 299 and a 0.5% transaction fee.

If you are confident with Shopify, you can also save if you take out annual subscriptions. There is a 10% discount on the annual plan and 20% on the two-year plan.

Note that a Shopify subscription can currently only be paid for in dollars and you must have a credit card. You can, of course, easily run your own shop in the currency of your country!

We'll take a closer look at which Shopify plan is right for you in this blog post.

Can I cancel Shopify on a monthly basis?

If Shopify is not an option for you after the first test phase, you can cancel your account at any time on a monthly basis. To do this, you need to contact Shopify support and follow the instructions for the cancellation process.

Is Shopify Good?

Our years of work with Shopify and the feedback from numerous retailers have shown that Shopify is one of the best hosted solutions for quickly building a stylish shop that is stable, scalable and easy to manage.

Shopify not only enables its customers to sell digital and physical products via its own online shop, but also offers the opportunity to be active on large marketplaces through interfaces to eBay and Amazon. Sales on Facebook and Instagram as well as in stationary stores through the Shopify POS can also be implemented.

Shopify offers many options and connections, from marketing to payment to shipping, so that retailers can easily start trading online. Shopify supports over 100 payment processes worldwide and is used by large companies such as Tesla and Red Bull as well as by start-ups and local companies.

Can Shopify be customized?

With more than 5,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, Shopify has a whole range of design options available that allow you to design your shop according to your wishes. The themes are also customizable so that they correspond to your corporate design and you can optimally build up your brand and adapt it to target groups.

One downer, however, can be found in the checkout, which can only be adjusted to a limited extent in Shopify's standard plans. Additional fields, logos, information or payment methods cannot simply be inserted here. You only have this option when using Shopify Plus, which we will go into in the course of this article.

In addition to Shopify's theme editor, in which design templates can be adapted, there are also other tools for working and programming at the code level. With the Theme Kit, Shopify provides a cross-platform tool for theme development at the local level. In addition, Shopify regularly publishes tools such as the template language Liquid.

We have explained in this blog post how you can create professional themes with the Theme Kit and GIT.

Is Shopify GDPR Compliant?

In the past three years, Shopify has placed great emphasis on giving its customers in Europe and thus also in the DACH region everything they need to create a GDPR-compliant online shop. The protection of personal data has top priority. Shopify has integrated functions with which merchants can guarantee their customers transparency and control over their data.

However, you as a dealer must implement some measures independently, for example the creation of a complete data protection declaration. Regardless of which system you use, you should always seek the assistance of a lawyer or obtain additional advice from experts such as the Händlerbund or the IT law firm.

We have published a comprehensive article on the subject of GDPR and Shopify on our blog. This way!

What is Shopify Payments?

Shopify Payments is the payment option directly from Shopify. It enables you to offer credit card payment and payment via other common payment methods without having to negotiate a contract with each individual third-party provider and initiate activation. Klarna, Sofortüberweisung, Visa, Mastercard or Apple Pay can easily be offered, for example. Shopify Payments is integrated directly into your Shopify administration area so that all payments can be viewed at a glance.

Is there an enterprise solution from Shopify?

With the aforementioned Shopify Plus, Shopify has created an omnichannel enterprise platform that enables companies to grow and scale their business. The enterprise version of Shopify can be implemented in a fraction of the time compared to other large enterprise solutions. A support and expert team supports Shopify Plus customers with special service and advice in implementing their own goals. First and foremost, Shopify Plus gives merchants more leeway when it comes to automation, customization and management of the online shop.

What does Shopify Plus cost?

Shopify Plus costs are calculated based on the monthly sales of a shop and are 0.25%. However, the price for the enterprise solution is a minimum of $ 2,000 and a maximum of $ 40,000 per month.

For example, if you have $ 900,000 in revenue per month, the monthly payment to Shopify is $ 2,250.

What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

When it comes to the differences between the standard Shopify plans and Shopify Plus, it can generally be said that Shopify Plus gives merchants much more control over customizations in their shop.

With Shopify Plus, for example, the checkout can be adjusted, filled with additional information, stored with logos and placed confidence-building statements.

Another big difference is the personal support that Shopify Plus customers are entitled to. You will be given a launch manager to help you get your business started. You will then have your own Merchant Success Manager at your side, who will help you to organize ongoing operations in the best possible way and to achieve sustainable success with your online shop. Coaching is also possible here so that you can make important business decisions with verified data.

Of course, Shopify Plus also gives you more e-commerce functions such as higher shop speed and the ability to customize themes, payment methods or any other aspect of your shop in detail with the script editor.

If you want to know all the advantages of Shopify Plus, we recommend this blog post.

Would you like to start with Shopify or Shopify Plus, but need experts with many years of experience at your side? The Latori team will be happy to assist you! Just contact us.