What alcohol can be mixed with beer

The most delicious cocktails with beer

Do you mix beer with lemonade at most? There is more, much more. How about a beer cocktail, for example? Experts unpacked the shaker for us: This is how you drink beer today.

Beer and cocktails, for some it sounds like liver sausage with jam, for others a beer cocktail is an excellent summer drink. Almost everyone knows the cyclist. In fact, the mix of beer and lemonade is already a cocktail in the end.

Hops as an aperitif: Picon Bière

A French classic is a wonderful alternative to the sparkling Alster water: the picon beer. Amer Picon is a classic aperitif with a bittersweet note. Depending on your taste, you mix two to six centiliters of the bitter distillate from orange peel, gentian and Chinese tree bark with a small beer. The perfect harmony of sweet bitterness and the mix of malt and hops can be made even more refreshing with a dash of lemon.

Sour beer with syrup

At Berliner Weisse, a sour beer is mixed with sweet syrup. Probably everyone knows the common variants with woodruff or raspberry. But have you ever had a sour beer with grapefruit? Instead of the sweet syrup, the beer is mixed in a ratio of 2: 1 with sweet and sour grapefruit juice and a shot of grapefruit syrup.

The right variety to mix

Attention: Beer is always poured at the end. (Source: Drink Syndicate)

Which beer is actually suitable for which mix? Your personal feelings are decisive here. Depending on which taste you want to emphasize with the cocktail - tart, fruity, bitter or sour - choose a pilsner, a pale ale or a sour beer. For a light aperitif, we recommend a slightly bitter pilsner. Fruity cocktails can be mixed with an ale or wheat beer. A stimulating digestif or creamy cocktail is supported by a dark lager.

It is always important when mixing: the beer serves as a filler, instead of the juices, soda, ginger ale and Co. otherwise used. Attention: It is always poured at the end. Beer is never bargained. That would end up in a pretty explosive mess. After all, beer contains carbon dioxide.

Mint julep variations

The Mint Julep is actually a cocktail made from mint, bourbon whiskey, sugar or sugar syrup and crushed ice cubes. A Doppelbock liqueur serves as the basis for the new creation. Yes, that's right: the unusual beer liqueur, with its malty-spicy note, goes perfectly with a beer cocktail. Together with bourbon, a dash of Angostura bitter and a little mint and Doppelbock liqueur, the result is the wonderfully refreshing Bavarian Julep - with its spicy nuances, a real taste experience for beer lovers.

Another variety is a very special rum: the Platinum Rum by N. Kröger - a fine blend of four white rum varieties refined with a cocoa-plum brandy. Also mixed with mint and Doppelbock liqueur, these results in the refreshing Heiland Summer Julep.

Whiskey meets beer

Whiskey and beer already have similar shades of color. But they also go wonderfully together as a cocktail. Matthias Friedlein from the Augustine Bar created the Metallic Cloud - a summery whiskey smash variation. For this he chose an Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. Scotch and thyme are mixed - they provide mild, spicy aromas. The topping with an India Pale Ale creates fruity and bitter notes and makes the drink a refreshing pleasure - not only in summer.

Beer drink from Brazil

Roberta Martins is a real Carioca (name for residents of Rio). She says: "In Brazil you don't mix beer and it just has to be ice cold." Nevertheless, she "used to do micheladas with friends. It's beer with lime juice and a lot of salt on the edge of the glass." Tastes refreshing like a daiquiri without being so strong.

Bartenders can be inspired in a similar way and simply pour classic cocktails like the mojito with a little beer. This gives the otherwise sweet drinks a pleasantly bitter note.

Creamy cocktails with dark beer

After all the bitter refreshments, are you in the mood for a creamy cocktail? Dark beer with its soft character goes perfectly with coladas, which are pleasantly strong thanks to the spicy note. Shake two centiliters each of tequila and kahlua with four centiliters of cream and six centiliters of pineapple juice on some ice. Strain the whole thing into a chilled cocktail glass and pour a dark beer on it.

By the way, a real classic with dark beer is a surprisingly simple but noble mix: The Black Velvet consists of champagne and dark ale (like a Guinness).

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