How are internships at Nalanda University

Leandro is looking for an internship

WF: Ciao Leandro. Are you ready to chat?

Leandro: Hello Fabienne. Yeah yeah

WF: Tip top. You are in the last semester of your bachelor's degree. How many credits are you missing at the end?

Leandro: There aren't that many anymore. 26 in total.

WF: And when you have the diploma in your pocket. How are you going then?

Leandro: First of all, I would like to take a little vacation, but then I would like to do an internship for a year.

WF: Have the holidays already been booked? Where do you go?

Leandro: Bookings are made over Easter. To Southeast Asia, to be more precise, to Thailand and Indonesia. Enjoy the sun and the sea!

WF: Sounds great. Back to the internship: do you already have a job?

Leandro: No, not yet. Now it's getting interesting because I'm looking for something in August.

WF: So far it has been a little too early to search, right?

Leandro: Yes, more likely. Most companies tend to look for interns at a short notice.

WF: What are you looking for exactly?

Leandro: 12 months, in marketing, in the Bern or Zurich area - that would be my dream. I'm pretty open about the industry.

WF: Surroundings Bern or Zurich - don't you like Lucerne anymore?

Leandro: After 22 years in Lucerne, I think it's good to be away from it for a year. But it's not that easy to leave the most beautiful city in Switzerland ;-)

WF: What's the status at the moment - have you already applied?

Leandro: Yes, I have applied to larger companies so far and I expect feedback from four companies.

WF: Have you already been able to introduce yourself somewhere?

Leandro: Yes, but unfortunately I received a rejection. They were looking for someone in early May. I'm still in my studies.

WF: Okay, you can't help it much. And with the open feedback, would your dream job be there?

Leandro: Yes, I applied for my dream job yesterday! This would be in Friborg as an intern marketing manager. Then I would still have the opportunity to learn French again. I had a quick chat with the recruiter yesterday and it sounds very interesting.

WF: Do you already speak French that you can do the job?

Leandro: Theoretically, I should be able to speak French (from my Matura), but the good thing is that the company language is German. So I don't have to worry and can brush up my French on the side.

WF: Two in one fell swoop! Did you speak to the recruiter before you applied?

Leandro: Yes, to clarify a few more questions. She was very nice. Such people do not bite (as many believe).

WF: Is there a wide range of interesting internship positions available?

Leandro: Yes, too big an offer. It is more difficult than you think to choose the positions where you want to apply.

WF: What is the most important thing when applying for a job?

Leandro: Knowing exactly in which area of ​​the economy you want to be active and being able to identify with the company.

WF: And what are your plans after the internship?

Leandro: I am probably doing a master’s degree, but to be honest I don’t know in which area. If there is an opportunity to start my career, I might not do a master’s degree either. I'll find out for sure this year.

WF: Thank you for your answers and that you took the time.

Leandro: See you soon!