Where is the Seychelle

Geographical location of the Seychelles

The Seychelles are assigned to the African continent. It is a group of 115 islands that are around 800 kilometers off the east coast of the African country Kenya. Madagascar is located south of the Seychelles. You are in the Indian Ocean, only 7 degrees south of the equator.


The proximity to the equator

Due to this proximity to the equator, the Seychelles have some special features. Every day the sun sets at around 6:00 p.m. and rises again at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. Over the year, these times only fluctuate by a maximum of half an hour.

In addition, there are no significant seasonal differences in the Seychelles. The proximity to the equator brings the Seychelles an average of 29 degrees Celsius in summer all year round.
In December and January it rains more often than in the other months of the year.



Inner and Outer Seychelles

On the map you can see that the Seychelles are divided into two large archipelagos. There are the inner Seychelles (red lettering) and the outer Seychelles (green lettering). The outer Seychelles, in turn, are divided into at least four subgroups. These include the islands of the Amiranten group, the Farquahar group, the Aldabra group and the single island of Coevity.

The Aldabra Group is the most famous archipelago of the outer Seychelles, because this is where it is located world's largest atoll.


Inner Seychelles

The inner Seychelles are the most populous islands. The four largest islands in this group of islands are Mahe, Praslin, Silhouette and La Digue. The capital of the Seychelles is located on Mahe. Her name is Victoria.

The Seychelles are a dream vacation area.
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