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Tesla Model Y: Test drive with Elon Musk's compact electric SUV

Test drive with the Tesla Model Y: The compact SUV is based on the Model 3 and is to complement the model range of the electric car manufacturer in Germany, where it is also built, from the end of 2021. Test drive, information, data , pictures

  • The market launch in Germany is not earlier than the end of 2021

  • Electric car with a range of up to 505 kilometers

  • Price: at least 45,000 euros for the basic version

  • Sporty performance with all-wheel drive

Porsche Taycan, VW ID.3 or BMW iX3? If you ask Stefan Möller about the most exciting electric car of the 2021 season, the Nextmove boss thinks of another car. Because for the rental car provider from Leipzig there is currently no more important electric vehicle than the Tesla Model Y. Ultimately, Elon Musk's company wants to become a full-volume manufacturer.

With a competitive price of around 45,000 euros in the medium term, the Model Y should hit just as much as the Model 3. Möller should know. After all, he sat in the first copy of his YouTube channel that made it to Europe. And because the official sales launch and classic test drives in this country should still take some time, the insider has the editorial team an exclusive first impression enables.

The Tesla Model Y is 18 cm higher than the Model 3

At first, the Model Y looks familiar - after all, it is based on the Model 3 and shares two thirds of the components with the hatchback. This applies to the drive, batteries and ambience. Model Y will therefore be just like the threesome as performance, long range and later as standard give; and here and there the driver looks into a clean cockpit. But as familiar as the shape seems to be, the format is new. At around 4.75 meters, the Model Y is six centimeters longer than model 3, seven wider and above all 18 centimeters higher. In terms of concept, it can be compared very well with the VW ID.4, which is slightly shorter at 4.58 meters.

Even if it doesn't appear as brawny as many other SUVs and the small one Carbon spoiler is the only decoration at the rear of Möller's performance model, the Model Y noticeably offers more space for only around 1500 euros extra compared to the Model 3. You can get in more comfortably and look out better thanks to the higher seating position.

More space than in the Model 3, third bench

The difference is especially noticeable at the back: in the second row, because it is now sufficient headroom and you can adjust the angle of the three-part backrest. And in the trunk, because the flap is now large, reaches up to the roof and up to 1900 liters fit underneath if you lay the seats flat. For the promised third row of seats in the trunk, it should still be very tight.

Everything inside is typically Tesla. Except for the window regulators in the doors, the two operating levers behind and the two rotating rollers in the steering wheel, there are no buttons. Everything that can be operated is done via the touchscreen, which is larger than most tablet computers and at the same time acts as a window into a comprehensive world of infotainment. It looks great and works easily, but it works sometimes a little exaggerated. Because there are good reasons why you have been able to open the glove compartment with one handle for over 100 years, set the fan by hand and adjust the exterior mirrors with a switch.

Great performance: 3.7 s to 100 km / h

Just because Tesla has rationalized the controls, the Americans don't save on content - even if it doesn't always have to do with driving or is useful. But why not? Light a log fire or a whoop's pillowprogram?

The driver feels almost like in the model 3. Even the performance version with its two engines is not quite as fast as the sister model. But with one Sprint value of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 241 km / h, the Model Y easily leaves all Stromers in this segment and even most of the combustion engines behind. Currently this version comes with a Price of 65,620 euros guided.

Who instead Long range ordered, has to live with 5.1 seconds for the standard sprint and 217 km / h top, but saves 8000 euros and comes according to the WLTP cycle 505 instead of 480 kilometers far. Both have in common: They have two electric motors ("dual motor") on board and therefore all-wheel drive.

Price for the entry-level version: at least 45,000 euros

It will be like the Model 3 later also a standard version give - whereby company boss Elon Musk personally buried the initially considered variant with a small battery because of an "unacceptably short range" of around 400 kilometers. Now with just one motor on the rear axle and long range battery, a top speed of around 200 km / h and a range of almost 500 kilometers should be possible. This means that the initially traded price of around 45,000 euros, with which the basic Model Y would have moved closer to the VW competitor ID.4 with a 77 kWh battery, will probably not be entirely sustainable.

The Model Y may glide along less dignified than an Audi e-tron or a Mercedes EQC. But where the competition is comparatively antihypertensive, the Tesla wants to be driven with commitment and thanks you with a road holding that, despite the high center of gravity, doesn't get disturbed even in tight bends.

The Model Y is also produced in Germany

It is true that Tesla comes with the Model Y in Europe for the first time after the established competition and has to start the triumphant march against VW ID.4, Audi Q4, BMW iX3 and Skoda Enyaq as bottom light. But like all other Teslas, the Model Y is likely to achieve cult status and possibly play the same role worldwide as golf in the old world today. In any case, Model Y is only being built a good 200 kilometers from Wolfsburg: Tesla's first gigafactory is currently being built on German soil near Berlin. But when does production start there? Even the boss Musk doesn't know that.

Text: Thomas Geiger

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