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For dancers - ANAR DANA project - back in Göttingen

postponed! 2020: Sat / Sun 28/29 November, Hall of Mirrors

Dear dancers,

In addition to my ANAR DANA projects in Seattle, San Francisco and Buenos Aires, I am pleased to be able to offer a project in Göttingen again!

Learn technique, choreography, dance notation, yoga, music analysis, staging, costumes, stage make-up, historical and cultural backgrounds for 7 different types of female dances from North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, Anatolia, the Caucasus, Iran and Central Asia.

Imagine what it is like to become part of an international group of women, to embark on this journey of discovery together ... to unknown cultures and to ourselves!

What skills and knowledge would you like to acquire? How would you like to deepen your dance experience? How nice can it be to experience dancing and these discoveries in a community of enthusiastic and supportive women?

Here is our repertoire for the coming year:

Dance of the Chaoui Berbers from East Algeria
Dances from Assyria
Dansul Fetalor din Crihalma, Transylvania, Romania
Spoon dances from Eskişehir, Turkey
Armenian dance "Uzundara"
Persian court dances of the Qajar dynasty (19th century)
Uzbek dance from the Feghana valley

The project consists of a series of 9 intensive weekends with 12h training each. There are also 7 cultural evenings on 7 of the intensive weekends.

We will learn the respective techniques of the specific dances, do general dance training and yoga, deal with the respective cultural and historical backgrounds of the dances as well as with choreography, stage performance, stage make-up and costumes.

At the end there is a certificate of participation for everyone who has completed the program in full.


I look forward to working in Göttingen!
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KAZ Digital - ANAR DANA Virtual cultural evenings

organized by Helene Eriksen & ANAR DANA Göttingen

These ANAR DANA cultural evenings are part of a training project, but are open to everyone. There is the opportunity to watch films, photos and costumes, listen to music and learn something about the country and people of a selected region. Lots of interesting guests come

In order to participate, the dancer Helene Eriksen asks for a donation (for example 10 euros), then the link for the event will be sent!

mail [at]

ANAR DANA San Francisco - Now WORLD WIDE

And don't forget that you can join the 3rd session of the ANAR DANA virtual project in July !!! Come together with women across the globe to learn dances from the West Sahara, the Macedonian Roma, the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, the Armenian Diaspora in Fresno, California, Russia, Azerbaijan and Bokhara, Uzbekistan. This will be the last chance to join the virtual project.