Free effective advertising

Advertise for free - with these tips you can win new customers for free

"If you don't advertise, you want them!" This old saying still applies today. Most companies have to advertising budgetthat between two and five percent of their sales matters. However, smaller companies or start-ups in particular do not always have the money for sophisticated advertising measures. But because good marketing It is important that cheap and free advertising opportunities should be used to make a company known. Because it is not always the expensive advertising campaigns that bring a company's success. Other factors play an important role here, such as the product itself, its quality and a reasonable price. Good marketing doesn't need the huge advertising space on Alexander Platz in Berlin or the prime-time TV commercial. A small budget is a challenge, but with something creativity and some good ideas considerable successes can be achieved with it. Sometimes it just takes a little food for thought to get marketing rolling. Therefore, there are a few ideas below that should only serve as a guide - you can tailor them to your company according to your needs. This is how you get your individual and inexpensive advertising strategy.

Offline advertising ideas

Press release

If you are just starting your business, you can send a press release to the local newspapers and that way yours Introduce company. It is important that the article does not sound like an advertisement. It is possible, for example, to write something about the history of the company's development or the uniqueness of the products on offer. The support of non-profit associations and the creation of new jobs are also worth mentioning.

Word of mouth

You can also initiate word-of-mouth propaganda yourself. For example, you can offer your customers a small discount for every friend who visits his recommendation comes into the company and becomes a customer. So Cooperations with other companies prove to be helpful here. For example, a nursery can recommend a company that offers greenhouses to its customers, and vice versa.

Word-of-mouth propaganda works not only with satisfied customers, but also with your own employees. Satisfied employees like to talk about your company well and well.

Action days

Action days, like a Sunday shopping, an open day, an anniversary or opening party, act on people like a magnet. They also offer an opportunity to invite the press or to report on it yourself in a press article. Action days bring additional attention and you can do it with potential customers get into conversation. In this context, there are many other options, such as a hands-on day for children, a day with a guided tour through the company, so that everyone has the opportunity to look behind the scenes. People are naturally very curious and often do not miss out on such opportunities. In the end, these actions bring publicity to your company.

Presentation in the neighborhood

If you run a local business or business, it is easy to introduce yourself in the neighborhood. You can do this, for example Postcards to your neighbors or to those companies you want to network with. Of course, don't use boring postcards as everyone knows them. For example, one idea is to print part of the city map on the map, showing exactly where your business is. Then you could draw your neighbor's individual path so that they can see how easily they can get to you.


You have certainly put a lot of effort into setting up your shop and showing off your goods. Now everyone just walks past the door and hardly anyone notices what is on offer in the display. People are very skeptical at the beginning. How about a little one, for example Give-away with the promise that when the customer visits the store they will get the same thing over again. This can be funny with a pair of socks when you give away single socks to people on the street. If you sell services, you can, for example, hand out small vouchers. This means that a business can quickly become a customer magnet. Because wherever many people go, more and more are usually added. This promotion is not entirely free, but depending on the give-away it is very cheap.


Sweepstakes are a very popular idea. However, this is not about collecting customer data or giving away a particularly big prize, such as a car. A competition is a great opportunity to win yours human side to show, which is often neglected by entrepreneurs. If you have a skill or hobby that you can share with others, it will make you a lot more personable. How about, for example, “baking with the boss” or “making music with the owner”? Such campaigns, which you can advertise by postcard, for example, make a significant contribution to the company and you as a Entrepreneur more personable close.

Online advertising ideas

Online advertising for your company

Online advertising is also possible free of charge. So you can say a little two- or three-line Description of your offer create and use a Link to your website Mistake. You can send this small description in your email signature or in articles and forum posts. If you post in forums, they should have something to do with your company. This allows you to show that you know what you are talking about and at the same time get visitors to your website. Specialist articles on free portals are also suitable for this type of advertising. Simply write about your products or services.

Social media

Use the social networks and post news from your immediate environment. This way you can talk directly to your customers in interaction step and get feedback from them. This allows you to build a relationship of trust and a customer relationship without directly advertising.

Online sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are not only very popular offline, but also online. Online they offer the advantage that you can get an exceptionally large reach very quickly. In this regard, three factors are very important: The competition must serious and it should have the same effect on your users end promptly and the prize really has to go to a winner in the end. A press release can then easily be created from this, which you can use for further advertising campaigns.

to blog

Blogging is a popular and useful way to communicate with the corporate outside world. With your blog posts you can give insights into the company. Show what's going on behind the scenes. Another option for a blog is to be an advisor who can provide advice on a specific topic to its users. To see what interests your customers, you can, for example, look up the competition on the Internet to see what is being reported there.


Recently, videos on all sorts of topics have become increasingly popular on the internet and social media. In this context, there is hardly a way around YouTube. Vlogging is a combination of blogging and video. That is what is meant by that Blogging, but not in the form of text contributions, but in the form of Video contributions. For example, you can use it to create explanatory videos for your products. You should make sure that you pick up topics that are interesting for the online community on the one hand and draw attention to your company on the other.

Guest Posts

It takes some effort to get visitors to your website at the beginning. You can use it as a stepping stone established bloggers act. To do this, simply write to other blog operators and ask if you can publish a guest post. If you write an article that is interesting for its readers, both benefit from it: The other blogger has a free contribution and you use the existing readership and receive it free traffic for your side.


Infographics are very popular today. You convey at a glance a lot of knowledge without the user having to read a lot. you are vivid and much read faster as an article. Website operators or newspapers are often grateful buyers for content that is easy to understand. If you make sure that the infographic links to your page, you can get some visitors here too. Creating such an infographic is no longer magic today. There are numerous online tools for this. Simple infographics can also be created using Word or OpenOffice.


If you know the right people, you have all the options. That has always been true. That's why you should get one Build a network. Networking works both online and offline. There are special platforms for online networking, such as XING or LinkedIn, which you can use to connect with other entrepreneurs or potential customers. A fully completed profile, preferably with a picture, allows your network to grow relatively quickly. If you then write high-quality contributions in the groups and forums, you present yourself as an expert and can thus draw attention to yourself and your company.


The newsletter is still one of the cheapest and most effective advertising methods, even if many emails end up in the virtual trash without being read. With a newsletter you have the opportunity to yourself personally to customers and prospects too judge. In this regard, it is particularly important to only write to people who have previously entered a corresponding list. The primary aim of the newsletter is to inform your customers, for example about your service, news about your products or advice on how to use them. Convey high-quality and usable content and thus create trust. The newsletter should be read within a few minutes and regularly end up in your customer's mailbox. Once the potential customer has gained confidence, sooner or later they will also buy something from you - and if not, you have not rushed to do so.


Advertising and marketing are important to your business. In order for you to generate sales, you must first draw the customers' attention to you. There are numerous, very creative ideas that you can use to attract attention. But not only that attention is very important in this context. You must, too trust build a relationship to build their prospects and potential customers. If the customer has the impression that you are doing everything to sell, the customer relationship will not last very long. Customers want each other feel taken seriously and valued. You can easily achieve this with some of the measures listed here. Emphasize yours human side and show the people around you that you are "one of us", for example by opening your company doors once a month and personally guiding those interested through your "sacred halls" and patiently answering all questions that may arise. There are, of course, many other options, and this list is certainly not complete. Rather, it should serve as a suggestion so that you can implement your own ideas and become active.