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Michael Jordan: The Fortune of the Former Basketball Superstar


How rich is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan's fortune is based on business magazine Forbes 1.35 billion euros estimated. What is the income of the former US American and, for many experts, the best professional basketball player? Mainly from his work at that time as NBA star with the Chicago Bulls. But he also made his fortune as a businessman at Jordan Brand and through ownership of the NBA club Charlotte Hornets.

The basketball player generated a total of 88.5 million euros from Michael Jordan's sports career alone. The sponsor ensured even higher earnings Nikewho created the first globally popular shoes. The collaboration has also continued to date with the creation of the company's own brand "Jordan". In 2020 the long-awaited documentary about the last NBA season 97/98 with the title "The Last Dance"On Netflix, which offers deep insights into the career and life of Michael Air.

The road to becoming a billionaire

Michael Jordan currently owns 89.5 percent of the shares in the NBA club Charlotte Hornets. Assuming the Hornets are worth $ 650 million, its stake alone would be worth $ 582 million. So, extrapolated, he's now a billionaire. By 2020 he could even double his fortune to 2 billion. Forbes recently reported that through the cooperation with Nike and Jordan Brand more than a billion US dollars was turned over. Accordingly, the collaboration has paid off for both Michael Jordan and Nike. Michael Jordan also negotiated several other contracts with well-known sponsors. In this context are Coca-Cola, Gatorade and McDonalds to mention. Michael Jordan also generated high revenues through his involvement in the movie Space Jam with the Looney Tunes.

The property of Michael Jordan

  • House in Highland Park in Illinois, USA
  • Property in Maimi, Florida, USA
  • Penthouse in Charlotte
  • House in north carolina
  • Gulfstream IV private jet
  • Range Rover
  • Cadillac XLR
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
  • Ducati 999

Michael Jordan is considered a unique personality and made sure in the 90s that the NBA was re-established after a small crisis and was able to gain popularity all over the world. The basketball professional achieved this primarily with his extraordinary style of play. The NBA was able to increase sales immeasurably during the seasons in which Michael Jordan was involved as a basketball player. The jersey of Jordan of the Chicago Bulls in particular was able to sell countless times, as did the rest of them Merchandise items applies, which were available in the offer.

Nike Air Jordan

With the commitment of Nike and Michael Jordan as the most important advertising medium, the shoe series became successful on this day Nike Air Jordan established. A new offshoot of the shoes appears year after year. All shoes usually feature the Jordan Brand logo, the typical "Jumpman". This logo shows Michael Jordan in his inimitable pose while dunking a basketball. There are already 26 models of the shoes and countless special models. It was agreed to end the consecutive numbering with the number 23. Then they were marked with the year of the year of publication.

In addition to Nike, almost all of the partners Michael Jordan advertised benefited. For example, the beverage company Gatorade increase its market share to 80 percent, which is primarily thanks to the prominent figure head Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan's NBA salaries during his playing career

  • 84/85 Chicago Bulls $ 550,000
  • 85/86 Chicago Bulls $ 630,000
  • 86/87 Chicago Bulls $ 737,500
  • 87/88 Chicago Bulls $ 845,000
  • 88/89 Chicago Bulls $ 2 million
  • 89/90 Chicago Bulls $ 2.25 million
  • 90/91 Chicago Bulls $ 2.5 million
  • 91/92 Chicago Bulls $ 3.25 million
  • 92/93 Chicago Bulls $ 4 million
  • 93/94 Chicago Bulls $ 4 million
  • 94/95 Chicago Bulls $ 3.85 million
  • 95/96 Chicago Bulls $ 3.85 million
  • 96/97 Chicago Bulls $ 30.14 million
  • 97/98 Chicago Bulls $ 33.14 million
  • 02/01 Washington Wizards $ 1 million
  • 02/03 Washington Wizards $ 1.03 million
  • Total earnings in his active career: $ 93.7 million (approx. € 88.5 million)

After playing as an NBA professional, Michael Jordan earned his own Charlotte Hornets clubs a lot of money. In addition, the partnership with Nike and the “Jordan” brand continues to generate revenues in the millions. He also played baseball and golf at times. Michael Jordan is also very fund of motorcycling. In 2013, Jordan claimed that only four players in the current NBA would have had a chance at all to be on the same level as Jordan in his era: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki.

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