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Welcome to the math section. Here is a list of math topics for school. You shouldn't quite be sure what you have to look for, then just take a look at the math index or use the class overview.


Our tree of mathematics

Basics of mathematics:

Other articles: Quantities and elements, types of numbers, calculating with decimal numbers, negative numbers, point in front of line / brackets, greater, smaller, equal, prime numbers, divisors and multiples, mathematical symbols, calculating wall, arithmetic table / calculation table, arithmetic triangle, calculating with money, clock read, time span, complex numbers

Fractional calculation:

Further articles: Fractional Calculation Basics, Adding Fractions, Subtracting Fractions, Multiplying Bridge, Dividing Fractions, Shortening Fractions, Reciprocal Value, Main Denominator, Fractional Numbers, Word Problems / Factual Problems Fractional Calculation

Numbers / simple arithmetic:

Further articles: Associative law, distributive law, commutative law, square numbers, cube numbers, term transformations

Geometry / planimetry:

Further articles: Pythagorean theorem, theorem of rays, area circle, arithmetic on a square, cathetus theorem and height theorem of Euclid, units of length, units of area, units of volume, units of weight, units of time, theorem of sines, theorem of cosines, theorem of Thales, triangle, isosceles triangle, irregular triangle, equilateral triangle, Interior angle set

Percentage calculation / interest calculation

Equations / inequalities:

Other articles: Biquadratic equations, root equations, exponential equations, logarithmic equations, quadratics


Further articles: Poles and zeros, angle function on the triangle, sine function / cosine function, monotony

Matrix / matrices, determinant:

Differential calculus:

Further articles: Analysis overview, monotony, derivation rules, curve discussion, derivation of x, first derivation, derivation of E-function, derivation of ln x, tan x derivation

Integral calculus:

Further articles: Area between functions, analysis overview, integration rules, integral calculus

Vector calculation / analytical geometry:

Further articles: Point direction equation, two point shape, distance: point to straight line, distance between parallel straight lines, intersection point of two straight lines, intersection angle of two straight lines, normal vector: straight line / plane, intersection angle: straight line / plane

Stochastics / probability calculation:

More articles: Probability Theory


Mathematics during studies:

Other Articles: Arithmetic Class 1-13 Overview

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